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May 21, 2021

Are ScalePad Warranty Services Reliable?

Kait Huziak

“Who provides support for ScalePad Warranty Services? Is it a third-party maintenance provider or an OEM? How can I be sure that ScalePad’s service is on par with the standards my clients are accustomed to seeing from my technicians?”

Are ScalePad Warranty Services Reliable?

A common misconception is third party maintenance providers don’t have the expertise or quality of parts for services to be deemed trustworthy. We’re here to dispel that myth and tell you how ScalePad Warranty Services stand up to the test.

The 4 Reasons Why ScalePad’s Warranty Services are Reliable & Trustworthy

1. Serviced by Level 3 Engineer Expertise

All service requests are serviced by a Level 3 Engineer. In fact, in many cases the service calls are answered by the same technicians that OEMs use to service warranty requests. On top of that, our service partners have a slew of in-house experts and advanced engineers who are ready to provide an additional layer of support if needed.

Rest assured, we only use certified OEM parts.

2. Quick Responses to Minimize Critical Downtime

When you submit a request ticket, it will be triaged in the first 30 minutes and a technician will reach out to you within the first 30 to 45 minutes. Depending on the SLA that you chose when you purchased your ScalePad Warranty Services, your SLA will either be 4 hours or the next business day.

3. Dedicated ScalePad Monitoring & Support for Added Protection

What’s the icing on top? ScalePad even has a team that monitors all SLAs to ensure that all work is started immediately and goes according to plan. This gives you a second level of oversight over our service partner and provides our Partners with a level of comfort.

Got an issue with our service provider? No need to worry! ScalePad also has a team of Product Support Specialists to assist with escalations if need be.

4. Centralized & Streamlined Processes for Easy Monitoring

All service requests can be submitted and tracked directly through the ScalePad tool. What’s even better is that you will also be provided with a direct phone number that you can call at any time if you have questions about your service request. Now there’s no more need to sift through documentation to look for each OEM’s service number!

"By having ScalePad as a product in your portfolio to offer, it brings you to a different standard of servicing for your customers."

Graham Cobb
Director of Customer Experience, PTG 

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