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October 18, 2018

Customize your asset aging policy with age-based reporting


You can now optionally set our reports to go red based on a device's warranty expiry date and its age.

Customize your asset aging policy with age-based reporting

By now you must know we listen very closely to your feedback regarding our reporting, right? So I’m very proud to officially introduce age-based reporting to Warranty Master’s already awesome platform.

Age-based reporting eliminates some of the challenges associated with the “asset lifecycle management” conversation. Sometimes, a date just doesn’t have the same impact as something screaming out to you: “THIS IS 6 YEARS OLD!”

How does it actually work?

Long story short, you can now optionally set our reports to go red based on a device’s warranty expiry date *and* its age. This means you can define a company-wide asset aging policy based on best practices. Then we’ll automatically calculate the proper “expected retirement date”. Essentially, we do the thinking for you.

Why do you need this?

By far, the most common use-case is for the times you prefer to replace workstations based on their age rather than their warranty status. This is ever more common on the lower-value portable devices. For higher-end devices or units belonging to more important people, you probably still wanna keep that complete warranty coverage in check.

Our age-based reporting is also an amazing excuse to expose the importance of asset lifecycle management during your QBRs (quarterly business reviews). By incorporating this into process, you can pretty well guarantee regular, predictable renewal revenue while de-risking your clients. A win-win wouldn’t you say?

Thankfully, the sky’s the limit here and there’s a way to tweak all of this in our app, including manually editing individual dates for those pesky edge cases.

What are the Next Steps?

To get started, jump on over to our knowledge base article to find out how to turn this on. Finally, if you haven’t already done so, sign up to get connected where you can Get Started For Free.