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June 11, 2021

How Is Scalepad Different from My Other Tools?

Brad Veregin

“I already have a stack that helps me support my clients. Doesn’t ScalePad do pretty much what my other tools already cover?”

How Is Scalepad Different from My Other Tools?

It is often thought that ScalePad is the same as the other tools in your stack. In truth, it offers so much more. Here are 3 reasons why ScalePad is essential for your MSP.

The Top 3 Reasons Why ScalePad is Essential for Your MSP

1. Effortlessly Drive Standardization and Modernization in Your Clients’ Environments

Did you know that 64% of essential IT infrastructure is out of warranty or at end-of-life? While you may be able to manually find which assets are outdated by scouring your stack and cross-referencing serial numbers online, it takes time, and a lot of it. Even worse, this information may not always be the same in each tool. Enter ScalePad. ScalePad integrates with 30+ RMM, PSA, documentation, and other tools in a few clicks so that you can instantly access a complete, de-duped, 100% accurate view of all the hardware and software that you manage. It consolidates assets appearing in multiple places and multiple tools to clearly paint the real picture of the actual assets you manage. And the best part? ScalePad automatically highlights risks and opportunities in your client's environment. Armed with this information, it’s a breeze to approach clients with recommendations to modernize their infrastructure before it starts causing problems that your team will spend hours resolving. 

2. Client-friendly, Eye-popping Reports

ScalePad continuously pulls data from each integration, then categorizes and cleans it so that you see 100% accurate information about all of the assets that you manage in one place. While this may be great for your team, it’s not the best way to present information to your not-so-tech-savvy clients at QBRs. ScalePad automatically generates head-turning reports for your clients that are color-coded (red: high risk; amber: at risk; green: all clear) for ease-of-understanding without the need for a strong technical background. The result? Your clients can make better decisions about their environment and continuously modernize their infrastructure. Your team will spend less time fixing what’s broken, which means a better experience for clients and less fault tickets for you. It’s a win-win scenario starring happy clients and happy staff.

3. Automate Boring Work to Reduce Costs

Nobody likes to spend time on dull administrative work. ScalePad automates some of your teams’ most inefficient tasks to reduce their non-billable hours. It aggregates & summarizes data spread across your stack while automatically populating asset purchase dates, warranty expiry dates, and asset ages from over 40 supported OEMs (including HP, IBM, Dell, and more). ScalePad delivers this data to your team on a dashboard and in eye-popping reports directly to your clients. Gone are the days spent scrounging for this data and manually managing it in a spreadsheet. Your staff will spend less time searching each tool separately for data spread across your stack so they can focus on making sure your clients and their infrastructure is modern

“It’s time consuming having to go through multiple platforms to pull information into a spreadsheet. It’s now much easier having it all in one place and being able to pull it at the click of a button.”

Katrina Boruff
Senior Account Executive, Probleu Inc

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