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February 10, 2016

OS reporting for all + LabTech update


We're thrilled to announce that we have OS reporting for all!

OS reporting for all + LabTech update

I’m thrilled to announce that we have OS reporting for all! Guess what, an Operating System (OS) goes “out of warranty” too, and when it does, it’s ugly. Think about it: the day Microsoft or Apple stops releasing security patches for your systems is the day you should stop using/supporting them (or upgrade)! Not only does it become a nasty burden on your support crew, it also becomes a very real security liability. OS End of Life is Do-or-Die, whether you’re running a massive organization or just a private email server in your basement like a real Madam Secretary.

Show me the features already! OK, here goes:

  1. Our main dashboard gets a new brown tile: End of Life OS (brown = rotten)
  1. Our main asset list gets a new filter and a new column. You’ll notice we don’t show you the full blown OS version, but instead a beautifully parsed, ultra clean name (eg. “Windows Server 2003” instead of something too exotic). You’ll also notice this finally brings meaningful lifecycle reporting to Virtual Machines! #HappySideEffect
  1. On the companies page, we’ve added a whole new OS Status bar, complete with delicious mouseovers!
  1. And last, but certainly not least, the customer PDFs get OS reporting in all its glory!

How do you get started?

Easy, if you have a Warranty Master account, then you’re already rolling as it is now live. If you don’t have Warranty Master yet, you should.


We also have a specific update for all you LabTech’ers:

We now write dates to the LabTech database.
Our LabTech plugin (which has been a smashing success) now writes back the raw dates into a special table in your LabTech database. Why did we add this? Because many of you asked to be able to leverage the power of our juicy data in your own custom reports and LabTech dataviews. For the geeks who want to get going right away with this, the exact location of the data in LabTech’s DB is plugin_warrantymaster_aux (told you it’s for geeks)! Just be careful not to tamper with anything if you’re snooping around LabTech’s MySQL database or you might void your “warranty.” Hah, am I funny or what? 🙂

What else?

Lots is happening, but lots I can’t talk about yet. However, in case you missed it, we launched our highly anticipated LogMeIn Central integration just a few days ago. Cooking on high!