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July 13, 2021

ScalePad Introduces New In-app Sharing

Brad Veregin

We’ve added a new collaboration tool to the ScalePad app to streamline your team’s communications and eliminate the need to manually export data sets.

ScalePad Introduces New In-app Sharing

Your team is busy everyday keeping up with managing your clients’ infrastructure and has limited time. ScalePad consolidates isolated data from across your stack in one place and provides a powerful filtering feature to allow your team to find critical information about your managed assets. We have introduced new sharing and notification functionality to accelerate your team’s productivity and make collaboration a breeze.

How Does It Work?

Using the new Share function, specific data, filtered view, and other valuable data points in either the Hardware console or Software console can be shared in-app in only a few clicks. ScalePad users can identify critical information, such as servers over 7 years old without a warranty, and effortlessly share it with the relevant team members. Other users will receive an in-app notification (or an email notification if they are not logged in) with a link to the filtered asset view. 

What’s The Benefit for My Team?

Your team no longer has to manually export data sets for filtered asset views and email them to the appropriate person which saves them significant time and improves internal communication. By collaborating within the ScalePad app, you can reduce your non-billable hours, stay updated on your clients environment, and provide better customer services. Read more here.

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