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July 13, 2021

ScalePad-Microsoft Endpoint Manager Integration Available Now

Peter Martens

Our Intune integration is available in beta — test drive it today and let us know what you think!

ScalePad-Microsoft Endpoint Manager Integration Available Now

While ScalePad is already integrated with over thirty of the MSP industry’s most popular RMM and PSA tools, this is ScalePad’s first partnership with software giant Microsoft. Sign in to our app and beta test the new API integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) today for free.

Why Integrate ScalePad with MEM?

“Microsoft’s unified endpoint management tool is used by thousands of MSPs, and works well for partners providing secure co-managed IT services in Microsoft 365 environments. Integrating ScalePad with Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides some unique new benefits,” said Dan Wensley, chief executive officer of ScalePad. 

Here’s what the integration can do for your MSP:

  • MEM / Intune provides a strong platform for managing devices within a single tenant. However, if your MSP is using Intune, you likely provide service across multiple Microsoft 365 tenants. ScalePad’s multi-tenant view with built-in reporting capabilities expand the usefulness of Intune for your MSP. 
  • ScalePad automates the discovery and import of Intune-managed devices. In a perfect world, MSPs would always be aware of and managing every device, but for those operating a co-managed environment, clients may have added mobile devices, or bypassed recommended onboarding processes, and thus have active devices without RMM tools. Ensure there are no devices missing your tools and endpoint protection software.
  • Intune’s live dataset of active devices combined in ScalePad with data from other RMM tools provides a more complete picture of each client environment — it’s the ideal check so you know nothing is missed. The integration with ScalePad also works the other way — if you’re deploying (or experimenting with) Intune in a new customer environment, you can use ScalePad to ensure Intune is on every device.

How Much Extra Is This Integration?

This is the best part: it’s free! The new integration is included on all ScalePad plans. 

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re already a ScalePad partner, you can simply sign in and follow the instructions to activate it in-app. If you are not a ScalePad partner yet, sign up today to test this integration at no cost, or book a demo with our Partner Development team.