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July 13, 2022

ScalePad Moving Beyond Just Asset Management


ScalePad Moving Beyond Just Asset Management

What’s in a name?

Our team at ScalePad needed a name that represented what our award-winning product had become, as we've moved far beyond what Warranty Master offered when we first launched in 2015. ScalePad is our company. It's who we are, and this name reflects our core values and aspirations. 

In business, “scale” means doing more with less resources or the same amount of resources. Meanwhile, “pad” is a stable place, like the platform from which a rocket takes off. The name ScalePad was chosen to present how we help MSPs scale from a place of stability by allowing Partners to take data-driven action. 

With our 2021 acquisition of Backup Radar, ScalePad committed to providing The Best Apps in Your Stack™ as we evolved to become a multi-product company. The name ScalePad makes sense for our company, but doesn’t best describe the value of our asset lifecycle management platform.

A name to better reflect our product

We needed a product name to better reflect that. And we found one.

As both Warranty Master and ScalePad, we’ve added new features, developed new functional integrations, and continuously improved our app to better serve the needs of managed service providers around the world. We’ve created solutions for problems plaguing our Partners, including the population of warranty information, surfacing of hidden asset risks, and even developing the Digital Maturity Index™ to measure the digital maturity of clients’ infrastructure. 

All of these things served the purpose of assisting MSPs with asset lifecycle management for their clients. Then it hit us — we aren’t just providing MSPs with insights into their ALM, we’re helping them manage it. 

Hello, Lifecycle Manager 

To this end, we’ve changed the name of our award-winning asset lifecycle management platform to Lifecycle Manager.

lifecycle manager

Lifecycle Manager encompasses both the core functionality of our product and why over 10,000 Partners in 76 countries use and trust it over other offerings in the market. We are part of every stage of the cycle of asset lifecycle management, from discovering risk and reporting it, to taking action to mitigate or remove it from client environments. We don't just identify problems, we help MSPs solve them.

Channel members were passionate about our old Warranty Master name, emphasizing its simplicity. There were no guessing games as to what it did. Lifecycle Manager is a nod to our past with the same simplicity and specificity of purpose. Lifecycle Manager will continue to evolve with new features, functionality, and services being added throughout the upcoming quarters to help you manage every aspect of asset lifecycle management. 

Lifecycle Manager

What’s in store for Backup Radar?

The Backup Radar brand already aligns with what our refreshed identity accomplishes. 

Backup Radar puts the risk of unreported backup failure risks on your radar. Simply put, the product is named after the job it gets done and there are no tweaks to its name required. 

We did, however, give the logo a bit of a refresh.

Backup Radar