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December 16, 2021

ScalePad Strategy Update

Peter Martens

New developments further expand the functionality of DMI™, Insights, and Initiatives. What’s bigger than supercharge? Hypercharge?

ScalePad Strategy Update

Launched October 26, 2021, ScalePad Strategy adds functionality that addresses the challenges of measuring, monitoring, and communicating risk to drive improvement by making data actionable. Strategy assigns a client's technology environment a credit-style health score (DMI™), uncovers critical insights into risky assets, and provides a framework for immediate action with Initiatives. When combined together like Voltron, the Strategy functions improve the client experience by providing a simpler path for clients to approve tech modernization and risk mitigation initiatives.

We’ve included a brief primer on each of the three core functions. If you’ve already had the opportunity to use Strategy, jump ahead here to see what’s

What is the Digital Maturity Index?

The Digital Maturity Index (DMI™) is the IT service provider industry's first digital scorecard based on real-time data. It leverages big data, industry best practices, and both asset and lifecycle information to evaluate the maturity of complex infrastructure. DMI™ is a credit score for technology that give you a one-number assessment of the risk associated with each clients’ environment. Prioritize urgent fixes for low DMI™ clients, and plan strategic value-added services for high DMI™ clients.

What is Insights?

Insights monitors hardware and software asset data in real-time, automatically surfacing issues in clients’ environments to expose risk and service improvement opportunities, such as at-risk servers and workstations that are aging or outside of warranty support. Insights feed the DMI™ to provide a summary of each client's environment and point to potential trouble spots before they become problems. 

What is Initiatives?

Initiatives is a communication layer that enables Partners to create, publish, and deliver proposals directly from the ScalePad platform to their clients. Initiatives are a means to get client approval for incremental, budget-friendly improvements. They provide a path for near-instant communication that streamlines the proposal process by foregoing formal meetings and the associated preparation, replacing it with a templated, automated workflow.

At launch, Initiatives were only able to be created from Insights, but this has changed. 

What’s new with ScalePad Strategy — what did you launch at Ignition 2021?

For those who missed it, Ignition 2021 is our Annual Partners’ Conference event. In addition to welcoming Backup Radar partners for the first time, we unveiled three major enhancements to Strategy:

1. Trending DMI

2. Forecasting Insights

3. Customized Initiatives

Watch a short introduction video to them below.

Trending DMI

Trending DMI provides a visual representation of how a client’s DMI™ score changes over time. Because it’s new, there’s not much long-term data to show — at the time this was written, there are only up to four weeks of DMI™ scores charted. However, as time goes on and more data is gathered, this will become a powerful visualization tool — you’ll be able see at a glance how improvements to your clients’ environments improve their DMI scores, and how the entropic hand of time drags scores down as assets age. Things got a little dark there with that “hand of time” bit, but this will be very useful, both for internal planning and to present to clients.

Forecasting Insights

The insights provided with the initial release of Strategy provide a reactive way of assessing a clients’ environment — they identify assets that have already passed industry-normed age thresholds and are currently at risk. An essential part of risk management for MSPs is to get ahead of the game so that clients can plan to protect or replace assets before they’re at elevated risk of failure. 

Our new forecasting functionality lets you take a more proactive approach. See what assets will age out and become non-compliant in the next 90 days, so clients can plan and budget for those items. Forecasted Insights provides Strategy with a quick dashboard view of what you find in ScalePad’s asset lifecycle reports — you’ll even find a countdown column to show how many days before that asset goes past its “best before” date and reaches non-compliance. 

Extended supply chain lead times means it’s more important than ever to get ahead of potential issues. Forecasting will let you get orders in when you need them in these times when hardware lead times are measured in weeks or months instead of days.

Customized Initiatives

You can also add assets to be upgraded to existing initiatives. Look for the “Add to Initiative” button when you’ve already selected a group of assets — within an Insight, for example. You can still add assets to an existing Initiative even if you select a new one from scratch if you want to. The choice is yours!

Multiple new templates are included — check them all out!

  • Server Replacement
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Server Protection
  • Upgrade Servers to Supported OS
  • Workstation Replacement
  • Workstation Protection
  • Upgrade Workstations to Supported OS
  • Install Endpoint Protection
  • Upgrade to Microsoft 365

That's not all that's included in this update, we've got lots more for you:

  • Automated budget lines, including professional services, included on templates. We even pre-populate values for you to tweak based on the Hardware Replacement settings you’ve defined (or left as default).
  • Make and save changes to templates to make them your own. Don’t like what we wrote up for server replacements? Change it up to customize it for use in your business and say it just the way you want, and save it so other team members get it exactly right every time. ScalePad is all about automating and making it easy.
  • Create an initiative without using a specific insight. You have a growing client and want to propose adding new equipment to address their needs? Great! Just click Create Initiative, select an appropriate template (we’d recommend [x] or [y]) and build out a quick proposal in just a few clicks. Especially for high DMI™ clients, it’s not always about replacing gear that’s in a poor state — you’re keeping their high-performance environments humming so they can grow without the pains.
  • Set target quarters for completing initiatives. With the ability to forecast future needs and get ahead of the game, you can set initiatives to execute in the next quarter instead of immediately. Or you have a client who needs a server replacement, but you know their budget won’t come through until their new fiscal year begins July 1, 2022. Create initiatives for these future projects while they’re top of mind, and execute them when the time is right.

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