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May 27, 2021

How Long Does It Take to Get a Quote for ScalePad Warranty Services?

Kait Huziak

“How long does it take to get quotes for ScalePad Warranty Services? Getting quotes for OEM warranties takes about a week and is a very convoluted, cobbled-together process. Is the process with ScalePad any different?”

How Long Does It Take to Get a Quote for ScalePad Warranty Services?

A common myth is that it’s not worthwhile to offer extended warranties because the revenue generated doesn’t justify the amount of manual and tedious work needed for procurement. We’re here to dispel that myth and tell you how ScalePad has simplified extended warranty procurement to save Partners time, money and effort.

The Top 4 Ways ScalePad has Simplified Extended Warranty Procurement

1. Quick & Easy Quotes in under 3 Minutes

With ScalePad Warranty Services, procurement has never been quicker and easier. It’s all done automatically through the tool so you can instantly see which assets are at the end of service life as well as which assets are eligible for renewal.

Warranty pricing is shown for each asset and you have the ability to offer coverage for 1-, 2- or 3-year terms. You can even co-terminate them to make it easier to manage the renewal or replacement process for your client’s fleet.

Meanwhile, markups to your quote can be made directly through the platform. You can also set a custom markup for each client in the settings and the markup will then reflect automatically on every quote you generate for them going forward.

ScalePad supports all manufacturers so every warranty can be purchased in one place. You can eliminate the days spent manually liaising with each individual distributor for quotes. 

2. Speedy Procurement in Just a Few Clicks

Once you have client approval, warranty procurement is a matter of checking off boxes for which assets you want to purchase coverage for. The purchase is completed with the credit card you have on file in the platform and you’ll receive a warranty coverage card that you can forward to your clients that lists all of the assets that are covered. The card details and new expiration dates are automatically applied to ScalePad and synchronized back to your PSA.

3. Simplified & Streamlined Decision-making for SLAs

While OEMs will offer a variety of SLAs, ScalePad simplifies this by offering the 2 most popular SLAs in the industry — 4 hours for servers and network assets or next business day for workstations, servers and network assets.

4. Initiate Service Requests Directly Within the Tool & Save Valuable Time

Knowing that time is of the essence when a machine goes down, ScalePad offers a standardized service request process with everything you need all in one place. For any covered assets, it takes less than 5 minutes to initiate a service request and you can keep track of status updates directly through the platform.

There’s no more need to look through documentation to find each manufacturer’s warranty coverage phone number and you can skip the “call to open protocol” that OEMs are known for to help save you valuable time.

How ScalePad Warranty Services Stack Up Against OEM: A Side-by-Side Comparison

"We have noticed roughly 20% more sign-offs in warranties." 

Graham Cobb

Director of Customer Experience, PTG 

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