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November 16, 2021

Welcome to ScalePad, Backup Radar!

Peter Martens

Welcome to ScalePad, Backup Radar!

As you’ve likely read in our press release, it’s with great enthusiasm that we announce ScalePad’s acquisition of Backup Radar. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome all Backup Radar partners and employees to the ScalePad family.

When a company that’s a vendor to your business buys another vendor in the industry, questions arise — we get it. We hope to answer at least some of them here. If you have any questions that weren’t addressed, please contact and our team will be more than happy to answer you directly as best we can. We’ll have more to share on December 16 at Ignition 2021, ScalePad’s All Partner Conference. Please join us and register today!

What is ScalePad?

ScalePad’s platform equips IT service providers with data-driven insights to create a better technology experience for their clients. Partners can measure and monitor their clients’ digital maturity to expose risk and identify service improvement opportunities. Automated risk reports, real-time asset status, and extended warranty services are all in-platform, streamlining buy-in from clients and accelerating the adoption of key initiatives. In short, we make it easier to get your clients to say “Yes!” to better tech.

Until acquiring Backup Radar, ScalePad was a single product company. We’re now in the process of growing into something more.

Why did ScalePad acquire Backup Radar?

Both organizations have a lot in common. 

ScalePad and Backup Radar were both founded by industry veterans who created purpose-built solutions to solve challenges faced by IT service providers globally. Both products are focused on IT service provider value, leveraging automation and risk reduction to deliver a better client experience. Nobody likes the overly and overtly corporate word “synergy”, but it really fits in this case — simply put, Backup Radar is a natural fit with ScalePad’s people, partners, and platform, and the commonalities between both platforms will be a key driver for enhancing and developing future services.

I’m a Backup Radar partner joining ScalePad — how will my service change? What’s in it for me?

In the short run, other than a refreshed Backup Radar website, nothing will change. You’ll still have the same point of contact for support or questions, and you’ll continue on your current plan as per your contract. You don’t need to change anything.

That said, enhancements to your services, support, and platform are coming very soon. The team has been hard at work developing a new Backup Radar in-app experience and usability improvements. It would be anticlimactic to reveal everything here, but expect to see these enhancements arrive before the end of the year. 

I’m a ScalePad partner — will my service change? What’s in it for me?

Nope! There are no near-term changes planned to the ScalePad platform as a result of this acquisition.

Will there be enhancements in the future? Absolutely. Backup Radar has a ton of outstanding features and functionality that we know will be valuable to ScalePad partners as we continue to expand the platform (have you checked out the free new Insights, DMI™, and Initiatives functionality in Strategy we just brought out in October? Sign in and check them out!). Although the ScalePad marketing team thinks it’d be great to announce what these might be right now, the product and engineering teams need to figure out what’ll work in real life. In plain English, it’s too soon to put a timeline on anything.

Can I get a sweet deal on Backup Radar if I’m a ScalePad partner already?

There’s no better time to reach out to their Partner Development team and ask for a deal than before we’ve structured a formal bundle offer. Reach out, and give it a shot!

What about the other way? If I’m a Backup Radar partner, can I get a deal on ScalePad?

Backup Radar is working on something, but it’s not ready yet. We can tell you for sure that we’ll get in contact with you once the details have been finalized! Meanwhile, sign up for their monthly updates to get all the latest news.

What does ScalePad have planned next?

Continuing to grow the Backup Radar and ScalePad platforms to deliver further value for our partners is the short answer. That said, with our recent funding and rapid growth, we’re well positioned for the long term and are working on the plans that will deliver that goal in 2022 and beyond. Be sure to attend Ignition 2021 to learn more and connect with us on the social platform of your choice to stay in the know. 

That didn’t answer my question — I want to know about ___!

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed here, please contact and our team will be more than happy to answer you directly as best we can. If we’re unable to answer you directly, we will find the most appropriate person from either company and ask them!  If you have any other questions, there should be a chatbot popped up in the corner of our homepage somewhere…

This is all very new to us too, we'll have more details to share on December 16 at Ignition 2021, ScalePad’s All Partner Conference — register today!