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June 22, 2021

Does It Make Sense for Everyone in My MSP to Use ScalePad?

Brad Veregin

“My tech takes care of ScalePad. Why would the rest of my team need to use ScalePad?”

Does It Make Sense for Everyone in My MSP to Use ScalePad?

A common misconception is that ScalePad should only be used by a select number of employees. In fact, ScalePad helps everyone in your organization deliver better results to your clients. Here’s why your team should use ScalePad to collaborate.

The Top 3 Reasons Your Whole Team Needs to Leverage ScalePad Daily

1. Seamlessly share critical asset data

As an MSP, it’s your job to know what’s going on in each client’s environment while taking proactive steps to keep downtime at a minimum. But did you know that 64% of managed servers are out of warranty and that 63% of managed workstations are over 4 years old? Better yet, who in your company knows this? Each member of your team could scour your stack to find the information, but that would require an extreme amount of effort and time. On the other hand, you could simply have your entire team leverage ScalePad.

ScalePad automatically consolidates siloed data across your tech stack to provide a single-pane view of all the hardware and software that your team manages. It provides a bird’s eye view of the health of your fleet as well as a detailed view for the health of each device and each customer. Now, anyone on your team can easily identify infrastructure risks, issues, and opportunities. 

2. Provide better customer service

ScalePad automatically acquires, cleans, consolidates, and displays 100% accurate data for your managed assets. When your team logs in, they see a true picture of each client’s environment. That way they’re able to access the data they need in order to get their jobs done. As everything in the app is accessible by your whole team, ScalePad eliminates the need to chase down colleagues for data. 

Account managers can also see a 10,000 foot view of their client base to see who has risk. They can easily use the automatically-generated, client-facing reports to proactively present clients with data-backed recommendations and proposals to address risk from outdated assets. By being able to fully disclose risk, you can build your clients’ trust in your services and keep them happy. Even better, account managers no longer need to spend hours chasing down techs to get the data they need.

Techs can drill down into hardware and software to see the nitty gritty details. They’re able to identify problem devices and map them to the tickets they’re closing each day. By flagging the ticket-intensive devices with the account managers, it’s possible to proactively replace devices that are generating the majority of tickets to reduce downtime and create a better customer experience.

ScalePad’s 100% accurate dashboard shows a de-duped, real-time, single pane view for all your managed assets. This way your account managers can easily identify and prioritize assets or clients that need to adopt or maintain evolving IT standards. Your techs no longer have the mundane task of pulling data for each client and analyzing their environment — ScalePad does it for them. This information is available to your entire team either on the dashboard or in clear and easy-to-understand reports to eliminate menial tasks from their day.

3. Much more than purchase dates & warranty expiry dates

Many Partners signed up for ScalePad to have access to the hardware purchase date data or to have the ability to lookup warranty expiry dates. Automating data collection for these tasks is a big selling point as it eliminates a lot of soul-crushing work. However, ScalePad doesn’t stop there. It provides even more value to your entire team.

ScalePad also provides warranty services that are fast and easy to purchase. The streamlined procurement process allows your team to protect at-risk assets in seconds instead of days. Gone are the days of requesting quotes, coordinating with multiple vendors, and chasing down team members to get data internally. Now your team can collaborate directly in ScalePad to make sure your clients have the protection they need in just a few simple clicks.

Service requests for ScalePad Warranties are made in-app in seconds. Your team doesn’t need to spend time calling an offshore service desk and work the escalation process during their limited hours of operation. The ScalePad process is fully automated so anyone on your team can raise a request directly to a US-based service desk in seconds.

We do a full review of the lifecycle of machines within our client infrastructure, which used to be a very manual process that took many hours. With ScalePad, we've shaved roughly 75% of the time off of the work that it takes to perform a client audit worksheet.

Greg Thornton
VP of Network and Security Services @ SSE Network Services

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