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October 26, 2021

Introducing ScalePad Strategy

Brad Veregin

Three new functions to supercharge your MSP: DMI™, Insights, and Initiatives

Introducing ScalePad Strategy

MSPs instinctively know the difference between a great client and a bad client, but there remains a challenge in measuring, monitoring, and communicating risk to drive improvement. ScalePad Strategy is a set of features that address this challenge by making data actionable. Strategy assigns a client's technology environment a health score, surfaces critical insights, and provides a framework for immediate action. Together, these functions are used to improve the client experience with the ultimate goal of getting clients to approve tech modernization and risk mitigation initiatives.

ScalePad Strategy includes 3 functions that have been added to the core platform:

      1. The Digital Maturity Index™
      2. Insights
      3. Initiatives

What is the Digital Maturity Index™?

The Digital Maturity Index™ (DMI™) is the IT service provider industry's first digital scorecard based on real-time data. It leverages big data, industry best practices, and both asset and lifecycle information to evaluate the maturity of complex infrastructure. DMI™ is a credit score for technology.

What is Insights?

Insights is a framework that analyzes hardware and software asset data in real-time. It automatically surfaces critical issues in clients’ environments to expose risk and service improvement opportunities, such as at-risk servers and workstations that are aging or outside of warranty support. Insights feed the DMI™ to provide a summary of each client's environment.

What is Initiatives?

Initiatives is a communication layer that enables Partners to create, publish, and deliver proposals directly from the ScalePad platform to their clients. Initiatives are created from Insights and serve as a means to get client approval for incremental, budget-friendly improvements. They provide a path for instant communication that streamlines the proposal process by foregoing formal meetings and the associated preparation through an automated workflow.

So How Do I Get Started?

If you’re already a ScalePad partner, simply sign in and start using the features today. If you are not a ScalePad partner yet, sign up today or book a demo with our Partner Development team.