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June 22, 2021

Why Did You Rebrand to ScalePad?

Brad Veregin

“You used to be called Warranty Master, which made sense, but I don’t understand what ScalePad means.”

Why Did You Rebrand to ScalePad?

Whether you’ve been a Partner with us since day one or you’re new to the tool, a lot has gone on to make ScalePad what it is today. That’s why we thought it would be fitting to take a look at where we’ve come from and where we’re going to help paint a picture for the reasoning behind the ScalePad name.

A Brief Look Back at ScalePad’s History

When we first came to market in 2015, we were going by the name Warranty Master. At the time, our founders saw a big gap in the MSP market as service providers didn’t have an automated way to look up warranty expiration dates for their managed devices.

To alleviate an extremely manual, time-consuming and frustrating process, our product was simple and our first 750 Partners signed up without ever speaking with a sales rep (in fact, we didn’t even have a sales department). Over time, we also added asset purchase dates as well as offering warranty replacement opportunities, hardware asset management and software asset management.

The Future of ScalePad

We are fortunate to have grown over the years to support over 8,500 MSPs globally in 76 countries and have become table stakes in the MSP stack. We’re also trusted by more than 60% of the MSP 501 list, including big names like Ricoh and Thrive, who you may have heard of.

As we move into the future, we now offer so much more than just a warranty lookup tool. We are a tool that helps MSPs standardize their clients’ assets and reduce work for their entire team.

We do this by helping MSPs easily identify and prioritize asset risks and opportunities. We utilize insightful reports to communicate asset statuses to customers in a way that helps them see the value in making important IT investments and drives them to take action to improve their environment. 

Our goal with ScalePad is to solve an obvious problem in the industry that many chose to ignore. The difficulty in managing large asset counts and making meaningful, continuous improvements to infrastructure without needing humans to do it.

The Meaning Behind the Name ScalePad

As our product evolved, we changed our name in 2020 to better reflect our product value and proposition. Realizing that not all growth is good growth, we wanted a name that signified that we can help MSPs fix their foundations and build up from there.

By definition, scale means doing more with less resources or the same amount of resources. Meanwhile, pad is a stable place, like the platform from which a rocket takes off. Combined, ScalePad was chosen to represent that we help MSPs scale from a place of stability by allowing Partners to take data-driven action.

Our mission is to help you improve the operating environments of your clients through Asset Lifecycle Management. The result is a more profitable business for you and your customers, and a better customer experience.

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