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July 6, 2021

Why Should My MSP Manage Software Assets with ScalePad?

Peter Martens

“Sure, software is a vulnerability; that’s why we focus on security in conversations with clients. Our other tools take care of software. Why use ScalePad there too?”

Why Should My MSP Manage Software Assets with ScalePad?

While ScalePad started out as a fantastic automated tool to determine the age of hardware assets and look up if they were still under warranty coverage, the app has evolved to take the risk out of software assets too. ScalePad is not just for hardware anymore!

Your MSP Needs to Manage Software to Reduce and Remove Risks

One of the reasons that clients work with you is that they don’t want to take on the risks of managing their own IT infrastructure. Even if they know very little about IT, your clients are likely keenly aware that it’s software, not hardware, that’s the point of vulnerability for their organizations. Clients rely on you to minimize and mitigate these risks to stay protected. 

Software risks can be classified into three broad categories:

1. What’s there that shouldn’t be
2. What isn’t there that should be
3. What’s old and out-of-date

What’s there that shouldn’t be

Remember Flash? Flash once provided a great web platform for media-heavy web pages and casual gaming–Desktop Tower Defence, we miss you!–but it was unquestionably a security weakness for OSes and browsers. 

ScalePad gives you multiple ways to rapidly find and view software that shouldn’t be there and to create reports from within the app to enable data-driven conversations with your clients. It’s quick and easy to set a few filters to find any client devices that are still running unsupported software, such as Adobe Flash or Windows 7, and you can run and send reports right from inside the app to alert your clients or your team. Alternatively, you can drill down to the machine level to see what’s on a particular device. Track down that user and let them know that they can find new HTML5 versions of their favourite games with just a little searching, and finally remove Flash.

What isn’t there that should be 

Missing RMM, antivirus, or advanced endpoint security software is a critical vulnerability. You need to address this before it becomes a problem. ScalePad highlights any outstanding issues with security software in a single-pane view to ensure it is installed on all endpoints, and that the software is up-to-date with the most current version.

Having ScalePad integrated with your RMM, PSA and other tools provides checks and balances that ensure that you have every endpoint covered. A device missing RMM software might just be confusing or embarrassing if there’s ever a problem, but could require a costly (and unnecessary) site visit. ScalePad’s software asset management can find these gaps in seconds, so your techs are never scrambling.

What’s old and out-of-date

Clients may have specialized legacy applications installed. Unfortunately, this out-of-date software puts not only their device, but potentially their whole organization, at risk. There may be compelling business reasons to keep unsupported versions of software on a small subset of machines – expensive medical devices at a clinic, or production-environment CNC machines that only run on a now-deprecated OS – but if they’re on your client’s network, you need to be aware of them to isolate and manage those risks. 

ScalePad makes checking versions a snap, with colour-coded status reporting and version look-ups to identify the most recent release so your team can update unsupported or old software. If you find Windows XP running on a milling machine, it’s not as isolated as your client’s production manager believed – time to take further action.

Make it your business to ensure users are running current versions of their applications, which include security patches and new features. It’s a better experience for your clients, as they have the latest and greatest tools, and a better experience for your team, as they have less risk to deal with.  

“The goal is to make sure everyone has their most standard suite of applications up to date. When it’s not, that’s our sales opportunity."

Craig Hickman

Vice President of Sales, ProBleu Inc.

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