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June 3, 2021

The 4 MSP Time Bombs that Could Ruin Your Day

As a managed service provider, you want to be able to provide your clients with a great user experience and the best way to achieve that is through a risk-free environment. In this week’s video, we’ll show you how to defuse 4 types of MSP issues and prevent 50% of the reactionary work associated with your daily workflow.


As a progressive MSP, I guess you want to give your users an awesome user experience, your clients a risk-free environment, and for your team, a great way to work and put yourself as well in a risk-free environment. So, there are four different ticking bombs you have to avoid in order to get rid of 50% of the reactive work and the problems arising and disrupting your day in day out work. And these type of ticking bombs are everywhere. We have to address those and low hanging fruits and make sure you are going to get rid of those.

So, let's start with the first and it might be silly but what that means if a server like seven years old and has no warranty, what that means? That means a huge risk to your client, your staff, disrupting the operation, and it's never going to be good. So, make sure that you list all these problematic items and you want to make sure you create a policy. There is no such thing going to happen in the future and monitor your assets that if something is going to go that direction you want to make sure that in time you are going to replace those.

Second thing, warranties already expired. As we are teaching everywhere we want to make sure MSPs are adopting this fleet management mindset. So, you have a policy that there is no device out of warranty anytime. That's a win-win solution in the long-term but if you create a policy around that and enforce this policy it's an easy way to communicate with clients, not device by device basis but as a policy basis. Again, if something out of warranty is going to be always a lose lose, you need to disrupt your team to change something, run after things and whatever. So, that's never going to be good. So, make sure that's going to be solved as well.

Third, servers with unsupported operating system. I think I don't want to go into the details on how easy to fix it. And how important is that to make sure that you are not taking risk and your clients are in a safe environment as well.

The last one, might be shocking that servers and workstations shouldn't be without antivirus. And most of the compliance standards requires you to have those devices under antivirus. Most of the time, it's not really a monetary issue that nobody wants to pay for these extra couple of dollars, it's usually just operating procedures. Make sure we have a good way to understand where those are.

So, think about the following that if you just fix those as a policy with all of your clients, you might create a lot of extra value, perceived value for your clients, users better experience, and for your team a much better environment when they are able to work on proactive items and not always like go to the firefighting mode. So, thank you very much and see you next week.

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