Extended Warranty Service Coverage

Generate a new revenue stream with coverage on workstations, servers and network assets.

Buy Warranties In-App

Provide a budget-friendly alternative when hardware replacements aren’t an option. Identify and mitigate risk posed by outdated hardware. Manage the warranty quoting, markup and purchase process and schedule service requests without ever leaving the platform.

Generate Additional Revenue from Extended Warranties in Under 10 Minutes

Extended Warranty Coverage is a budget-friendly alternative to hardware replacements. Meanwhile you can ensure you’re following the best practices and terms outlined in your SLA. For workstations, Extended Warranty Coverage through third-parties is the only option when OEM warranties have lapsed.

  • Warranty sales opportunities shown straight on the dashboard
  • Quote and procure warranties without ever leaving the platform

Meet Your Clients’ Needs & Budget with an Alternative to Hardware Replacements

Replacing hardware isn’t always a viable option. You can still generate revenue while mitigating risk through Extended Warranties. To best suit your client’s needs, Extended Warranties range anywhere from 1 to 3 years and can help you:

  • Safeguard their clients’ business continuity
  • Guarantee more uptime
  • Keep client devices secure

Effortlessly Purchase Warranties and Set Your Own Margins

Get warranty pricing, set your own margins and generate white label warranty quotes in just one click. Purchase warranties for your entire fleet without ever leaving the platform.

Service Coverage Backed by Qualified Engineers

You’ll never have to worry about sending your team to client sites or delays in hardware replacements and repairs. You can schedule a service request and a Level 3 Engineer will arrive in as little as 4 hours. Our service desk is also available 24/7 for immediate service parts dispatch. 

  • Schedule service requests
  • Check the status of active service requests

Benefits for Your Clients

All hardware is under warranty and according to ISO standard
Service requests are handled immediately and professionally
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