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Say hi to super-accurate data

Stop the mind-numbing data harvesting and start getting deduped IT asset info from your stack. Fully automated, integrated, and with hassle-free onboarding, ScalePad is your single source of truth.

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"ScalePad slashes our admin work by 90%. We no longer have to verify that our data is accurate since it is integrated with all our systems and runs automatically in the background."

Chris Leiker, President of More Power Technology Group

Chris Leiker
President, More Power Technology Group

ScalePad Data
ScalePad Digital Maturity Index (DMI)
ScalePad Digital Maturity Index (DMI)



Take back control of the client experience with DMI™

There was never an easy way to evaluate your clients’ environments...until now. ScalePad’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI™) is a dynamic score that objectively benchmarks your clients' environments against key productivity and risk factors. It’s the game-changer for making data-driven decisions that improve the technology experience for the people you support.

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"DMI is a metric that allows us to look at how well we’ve done over the past quarter, half-year, or year. Clients can also see how investing in their environment actually improves their score and experience."

Carrie Greene, Operations Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

Carrie Greene
Operations Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

ScalePad Insights



Zero in on key opportunities

Hours of valuable time are wasted identifying problematic client assets. ScalePad automatically surfaces critical insights so you can focus on solving them, not finding them. It’s time to modernize strategy to a fully automated workflow. 

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"It used to take hours to prepare asset sheets, export reports, pull that data together, somewhat a human looking editor, using a formula to determine the age of the devices. Now all that happens in a few button clicks."

Joe Markert, CEO TransformITive

Joe Markert
CEO, FunctionOne

ScalePad Insights
ScalePad Initiatives
ScalePad Initiatives



Supercharge the proposal process

The process for clients to greenlight a project is sluggish. Set the pace of progress with Initiatives that will have your clients saying yes, faster. Send proposals and get approvals in just a few clicks, without all the heavy lifting.

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“There is a huge amount of value found through ad-hoc conversations with clients. Open and constant lines of communication can provide so much insight for quoting, project planning, budget planning and how to drive clients forward.”

Stacy Kulhanejk, Operations Manager of NetSource One

Stacy Kulhanek
Operations Manager, NetSource One

ScalePad Reports


Reports that talk tech for the people that don’t

Communicating risk doesn’t have to be complicated. Show your clients the issues in their environment with simple, easy-to-understand reports. Simplify the risk conversation and drive clients to refresh, protect, or upgrade their infrastructure.

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"Our clients like the ScalePad reports more than anything else we share with them because, especially for clients that don’t have any technical leadership, they see it as something spoken in plain English: how old something is, if there's a warranty, what to budget for, or what to buy. It’s the most high-value report we have."

Brendan Cosgrove, COO of TeamLogicIT

Brendan Cosgrove
COO, TeamLogicIT

ScalePad Reports
ScalePad Warranties
ScalePad Warranty Coverage


Wave goodbye to painful warranty processes

Your clients want extended warranty coverage, but the process is tedious and outdated. ScalePad automates warranty quoting, purchasing, renewals and service requests, all in one platform. Save time, reduce risk, and markup warranties to turn ScalePad into a profit center. Become a warranty master. (No, we’re not changing our name back.)

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"I won’t invest in anything unless it makes me money or saves me money. ScalePad does both - we make money on warranties and we save time (money) not having to deal with service requests."

Luis Alvarez, CEO of Alvarez Technology Group

Luis Alvarez
CEO, Alvarez Technology Group

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