Warranty reporting for ManageEngine Desktop Central

If you’re looking for accurate warranty lookups for ManageEngine Desktop Central then you’ve come to the right place. We Masterfully talk to Desktop Central via API and continuously perform warranty lookups using the serial numbers that are auto-collected in your instance.

Why use ScalePad? Besides the 11 reasons here you will be happily surprised to learn that we have the broadest vendor support/coverage in the world, not to mention gold-standard accuracy and beautiful reporting.

How long does it take to setup? Good question, most ManageEngine Desktop Central users can setup a sync with ScalePad within 120 seconds, and once it’s setup, we keep everything up to date on a daily basis. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to hammering out the oldest/slowest computers in your networks.

Warranty Master has changed its name to ScalePad! Watch our announcement video.