Pulseway PSA

Pulseway PSA

Integrate Pulseway PSA to Unlock Hidden Insights in Your Data

ScalePad leverages data in Pulseway PSA to automate tedious tasks and uncover insights about your clients' infrastructure. Integrate in minutes to access a de-duped, super-accurate view of your managed assets.

Integrate in clicks to get:

● Super-accurate Data in a Single Pane
Hardware data from Pulseway PSA (and all your other integrations!) is consolidated in a single view. Duplicate hardware assets are automatically identified & aggregated for trustworthy data.

● Full-auto Population of Missing Data
Warranty expiration dates and purchase dates are automatically sourced from 40+ vendors for up-to-date and accurate data.

● Risk-reduction Dashboard
View hardware replacement or warranty opportunities on a dashboard that identifies risk in your clients' environment and shows you revenue opportunities. A win-win for you and your clients!

● Automated, Earth-shattering Reports in 1 Click
Eye-popping reports are automatically generated to simplify conversations with clients and enable them to make better decisions about their IT. They are color-coded to highlight assets at end of service life or up for renewal.

● Protect Out-of-warranty Assets in Seconds
Offer extended warranties for servers, workstations, and network devices when OEM warranties have lapsed. Manage the entire warranty procurement and purchase process inside ScalePad in seconds.

It only takes 5 minutes to integrate Pulseway PSA and secure massive ROI. What are you waiting for? Start your free trial or book a demo today.
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