Improve the client experience

Not knowing how to motivate clients is now a thing of the past

Say hi to super-accurate data

All your clients’ data in a single pane

Stop the search for verified asset data. ScalePad automatically pulls data from your RMM, PSA, and more. Accurate and de-duped hardware, software, and warranty data is delivered in one pane. Get actual asset lifecycle status without the need to run a search party. 

“ScalePad easily integrates and syncs with all of the tools in our stack, allowing our team to focus on our clients instead of combing through duplicated data. Simply put, I love ScalePad.”

Stacy Kulhanek
Operations Manager, NetSource One

Stop wasting time & money on duplicated data

Hours are spent copying and pasting data into spreadsheets to verify accuracy. Easily identify and consolidate duplicate asset data, track warranty expiration dates, and pull hardware purchase dates directly from vendors. With support for two-way sync back to your stack, you can say goodbye to dirty data.

“It used to take hours to prepare asset sheets, export reports, pull that data together, somewhat a human looking editor, using a formula to determine the age of the devices. Now all that happens in a few button clicks.”

Joe Markert
CEO, TransformITive

Integrate to automate in clicks

ScalePad integrates with 30+ MSP tools and 40+ OEMs to eliminate the soul-crushing task of collecting and updating hardware asset data. Our 24/7 automatic updates eliminate the manual work and copy-paste, so you stay dialed in.

“You want something that integrates with tools you’re already using, and ScalePad does that for me in just a click.”

Elizabeth Vincent
Account Executive, BCS IS|IT

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Take back control of the client experience with DMI™

The only way to benchmark your clients’ environments

There wasn’t a way to objectively rate your clients’ infrastructure until we created the Digital Maturity Index (DMI™). Start benchmarking your clients’ infrastructure with a dynamic, unbiased score of the current state of their environment with data pulled directly from ScalePad Insights. DMI™ is the environment doctor.

“DMI gives us a 30,000-foot view of our clients’ overall environments. At a glance, I know the general health status of each of our clients’ environments.”

Matt Clarin
President, Hungerford Technologies

Nasty IT environments no more

Some clients have particularly awful IT environments that are exhausting your resources. You know it, we know it, but where do you start? DMI™ benchmarks your clients against best practices and shows you the accounts that need immediate action. Improve your worst performers to elevate the customer experience and show your value.

“Having the DMI for each client in a single pane of glass is crucial. I only need to look in one place to know that we have our clients under control. It shows me that our team is taking care of everything we need to.”

Carrie Greene
Operations Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

A credit score for tech

Communicating the need to improve the state of your clients’ environments is a challenge. DMI™ uses an easily-understood scoring system. The higher the number, the better the environment. It’s that simple.

“DMI is easy to understand. It provides a baseline for us to compare our clients against each other. We can look at a global list of clients and see where each of them stands.”

Matt Clarin
President, Hungerford Technologies

Become a business advisor

Your business provides more than firefighting services. Continuously improving your clients DMI™ demonstrates the value you bring to their business. Raise each client’s digital maturity so they have a Masterful experience.

“DMI is validation that we are improving our clients' environments. It shows us that we’re making progress with clients and we’re moving their infrastructure forward.”

Kendra Schaber
Client Services Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

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Zero in on key opportunities

ScalePad Insights identifies asset risks for you

Manually scouring data for client issues is a time sink. Insights is our framework that analyzes your clients’ hardware and software assets in real-time. With Insights, immediately identify high-risk assets at a glance. On both the client and global level, ScalePad does the dirty work for you.

“Everything we use needs to drive action. The ability to drill into ScalePad Insights equips our team with the tools to get granular with the questions we ask our clients. Insights provide the sit-rep on the client environment and enable us to approach our clients and mitigate their risks proactively.

Sean Kline
President & CEO, Turbotek

Turn mind-numbing tasks into something painless

Applying logic to the data in your stack isn’t a simple job. ScalePad Insights hard-checks asset status against best practices automatically, with no manual input or specialized knowledge required. It now takes less effort to accomplish more. 

“Turning data into insightful information is key. So is the rate at which it’s converted. In just a few clicks, ScalePad presents us with a view of actionable items among our client base.”

Sean Kline
President & CEO, Turbotek

Useful data in fewer clicks

Identifying root causes of issues in your clients’ environment is challenging. Whether an unsupported OS, expired warranty coverage, or old hardware, ScalePad Insights hones in on problematic assets for you.

“Every MSP knows which clients have the worst assets. Insights surfaces these high-risk assets, but also provides insights into assets that might be missing due to incorrect configurations in other tools in my stack.”

Andrew Cohen
CEO, SMR Consulting Inc.

Profit while protecting clients

Identifying old assets ready for warranty renewal or refresh requires a ton of manual work. ScalePad automatically highlights assets nearing the end of their lifecycles that are primed to generate revenue. See at a glance where your MSP can profit by protecting your clients. 

“Without a tool like this it is hard to see where the sales opportunities are. This tool allows us to pull it from under every rock where we otherwise wouldn't find it!"

Dave Irvine
President, Irvine Consulting Services, Inc

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Supercharge the proposal process

Mitigate risks in clicks

Stop waiting to have critical conversations with your clients. ScalePad Initiatives helps you tackle problems as they appear without the need to wait for a formal meeting. Get in touch with your clients with just one click.

“Initiatives increase the visibility of old and outdated assets in our clients’ environments. Clients see the risk, understand that they’re a problem, and are then driven to buy into removing risk and upgrading their environment. Initiatives really simplifies hardware replacement conversations in just clicks.”

Darrin LeBlanc
Client Engagement Manager, PEI - HQ

Incremental steps to avoid incremental challenges

Stop overwhelming your clients with a laundry list of infrastructure projects. ScalePad Initiatives sets the smaller, budget-friendly projects in motion so your clients can start improving, now. Avoid the misstep of overloading your clients.  

“Initiatives are a great way to contact clients between scheduled formal meetings. It keeps an open line of communication so we can ensure we’re serving our clients needs.”

Kendra Schaber
Client Services Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

Pull the plug on manual preparation

Preparing large projects is painfully time-consuming. Utilize ScalePad Insights to automatically generate proposals and Initiatives to open communication with your clients without any extra legwork. ScalePad Initiatives automates workflows and cuts down on endless prepwork.

“The Initiatives templates save us so much time. They have the background, problem, and reason clients need to change. All we do is add in the budget and send them on.”

Carrie Greene
Operations Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

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Reports that talk tech
for the people that don’t

Reports clients actually want to read

Making your voice heard to your client is easy. Having them understand what is going on in their environment is the challenge. Our simple reports keep the tech-talk to a minimum and present data, such as purchase dates, warranty expiry dates, software versions, and more in an easily digestible, red-amber-green format. Simplify the risk conversation.

“Our clients like the ScalePad reports more than anything else we share with them because, especially for clients that don’t have any technical leadership, they see it as something spoken in plain English: how old something is, if there's a warranty, what to budget for, or what to buy. It’s the most high-value report we have.” 

Brendan Cosgrove
COO, TeamLogicIT

Designed to make you look good

You’re busy enough as it is, let us do the heavy lifting for you. ScalePad reports are ready-made, complete with your company logo, and created with a click. Creating eye-popping, polished reports that drive client action has never been easier.

“ScalePad is a great visualization tool, especially the reports. They present critical information to clients so simply. There is no reason to not use something that looks so beautiful.”

Darrin Leblanc
Client Engagement Manager, PEI - HQ

An automatic, effortless conversation starter

The old way of reporting required hours of tedious manual labor, verification, and missed deadlines. Start sending ready-made reports to your clients on a set schedule with zero effort. Data is delivered exactly when you want it so you can engage your clients. 

"ScalePad reports are great. I’ve had so many conversations around old assets when clients don’t believe the age of assets until we show them. We had a client who honestly thought he bought a server 6 months ago when it was actually 6 years ago. When he saw the report he finally realized how old the server was. The ScalePad report proved the age to him and got him to replace it."

Russel Kuhl
Director of Technology, 1 Point Networks

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Say goodbye to painful warranty processes

The warranty lookup tool that started it all

Manually searching for warranty dates is soul-crushing and time-consuming. ScalePad automatically pulls warranty information from 40+ OEMs and consolidates the data in one place. Sound familiar? We used to be called Warranty Master.

“Why do we use ScalePad? It removes a huge part of our manual work by aggregating the warranty dates from nearly all vendors in one place. It's now effortless for us to keep our clients informed about their environments.”

Mat Kordell
Co-founder & VP of Operations, CyberStreams

Shed risk with in-platform warranty procurement

You don’t have time for phone calls and email chains with OEMs. ScalePad streamlines your risk-mitigation process with in-platform warranty quoting, markup, procurement, and service requests. What used to take days is now done in seconds. We’re more than a warranty lookup tool. 

“ScalePad is great because it’s lightning-quick. We get warranty quotes in 15 seconds and procure them in 5 more. The one-click warranty renewals don’t give us any reason to go to another source.” 

Darcy Dueck
Technical Account Manager, LAN Solutions Corp.

Let us roll the truck for you

With a 24/7 global response team of 2,300+ technicians in 154+ countries, ScalePad Warranty Services are trusted worldwide to minimize operational headaches, reduce workload, and keep clients up and running. Choose from two popular SLAs, request service in-platform, and have us do the heavy lifting in just clicks.

“We have scheduled service requests; we had 4 in the last 12 months. Like the reports, the service happened in the background, and I didn’t need to be the one driving it or following up. It’s pretty much a self-serve for my technicians, which is great to have.”

Ryan Mann
Owner, TeamLogicIT

Make your stack a profit center

Selling traditional extended warranties takes too long and yields razor-thin margins. ScalePad Warranty Services cuts down on procurement time and costs, and allows you to dictate your margins. You’re now in the driver’s seat of profitability. 

"I won’t invest in anything unless it makes me money or saves me money. ScalePad does both - we make money on warranties and we save time (money) not having to deal with service requests."

Luis Alvarez
CEO, Alvarez Technology Group

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