2022 Q2 Product Update: Falcon

Thousands of Partners are using ScalePad to modernize their asset lifecycle management and improve the client experience. Time has flown by since Apollo, our last quarterly product release. Now, we’re introducing more new features and improvements to ScalePad in our latest update, Falcon.

Okay, you named the “2022 Q2 Product Update” after a bird. Why? 

Actually, it’s named after a rocket, just like our Apollo update.

In case you didn’t know, a super-rich guy that owns an even richer company developed a series of reusable rockets designed to bring payloads, manned-spacecraft, and satellites into space to help out with critical missions.

Our Falcon Product Update shares characteristics with the program as it delivers new features and improvements to find and fix recurring critical issues in clients’ environments, such as Backup Monitoring Insights, new Personalized Insights policies, and a supercharged workflow to procure warranties. These features help keep your clients assets (and your clients) from going supernova.

Insights for Backup Radar

If you’re a Backup Radar Partner you’ve already identified and put unreported backup failure risk on your radar. If you’re not already using Backup Radar, it’s an agentless backup monitoring tool that provides complete visibility of all failed and compromised client device backups.

We have some great news - we’ve integrated Backup Radar Insights directly into the ScalePad dashboard. Alongside ScalePad’s critical asset lifecycle data, these backup insights provide a complete view of workstations and servers without configured backup policies in Backup Radar in one pane.

This integration automatically audits your backup monitoring policies to identify potential coverage gaps in backups. What can you do with it?

  1. Create a list of assets your team needs to check in on
  2. Identify why the asset doesn’t have a configured backup policy in Backup Radar
  3. Double-check assets requiring a backup have a monitoring policy configured in Backup Radar

Backup related tasks can fall through the cracks when onboarding clients. This integration will put them on your radar.

Not a Backup Radar Partner? See what you’re missing - book a demo now.

New Personalized Insights Policies

We’ve updated Insights to now offer even more insight into the client environment while also serving as the ultimate problem finder. While our original offerings as Warranty Master gave Partners the tools to search for asset purchase and warranty information, as ScalePad, we created Insights to also cover asset age and OS support. We’re excited to build on what we started and to share some new policies that will take things to the next level.

New in Falcon are the following policies that can be found within Personalized Insights:

  • Configured backups
  • Manufacturer
  • Memory
  • Total Storage
  • Software

So, what can you do with them? Here’s a few examples of what’s now possible with Personalized Insights:

  • Identify Windows 11 upgrade eligible workstations that meet the recommended storage and memory requirements (sorry, TPM is on you)
  • Find revenue opportunities by identifying devices that don’t meet the recommended Windows 11 requirements and either upgrade or replace them
  • Encourage devices to be replaced that don’t meet the standards of the client environment based on manufacturer
  • Single-out devices that have known critical vulnerabilities from a specific manufacturer
  • Identify devices that don’t have a specific antivirus installed or running deprecated software that poses a security risk
  • Compile a list of old workstations with poor storage and memory, prioritize their replacement over devices with better specifications, and remove the most risk-ridden assets from the client environment

“Our team has been using Forecasting Insights to talk to our clients about Windows 11 upgrades. We can make recommendations on what devices are supported and eligible to upgrade.”

Luis Alvarez
CEO, Alvarez Technology Group

Insights Policy Operators

Part of running a MSP includes surfacing asset risk and communicating it to clients that may or may not be motivated to take action. If you’re tired of only surfacing the ‘bad news’, we feel you, so instead we have some good news for you.

Making their debut in the Falcon update are some new Policy Operators. Found inside Personalized Insights, these operators can be used to get even more granular with the data you can pull from ScalePad. Note that available operators will change depending on the Insight you choose. 

Now that the disclaimer’s out of the way, here’s the list of all operators at your disposal:

Age: is over/is under 

Configured backups: is found/is not found

Manufacturer: is/is not (specified manufacturer from dropdown)

Memory: is over/is under

Operating system: is supported/is unsupported

Software: includes/does not include (specified software from dropdown)

Total Storage: is under/is over

Warranty: is expired/is not expired

Here’s a few examples of just a few things you can do with the combined power of ScalePad’s new Personalized Insights Policies with Insights Policy Operators:

Use Case Asset Type Insight Policy Policy Operator Filter Insight Result
Verify servers are being backed up
(Backup Radar Integration required)
Server Configured backups Is Not found Show servers without a configured backup
Surface all workstations eligible for Windows 11 upgrade Workstation Memory

Total Storage

Is over

Is over



Windows 10
Show Windows 10 workstations that exceed Windows 11 minimum requirements
Find devices with known critical vulnerabilities* Workstation Manufacturer



Windows 8.1
Show workstations with known vulnerabilities ready to be patched
Ensure endpoint protection is installed Server Software Does not include Huntress Agent Find servers without Huntress Agent installed
Surface all workstations with low installed memory Workstation Memory Is under 8gb Show workstations with under 8gb of memory (RAM) installed
List all aging servers without warranty coverage Server Age

Is over

Is expired
5 years

Surface aging servers without warranty coverage
Identify workstations negatively affecting performance and experience Workstation Age

Is over

Is under
5 years

Drive environment standardization and replace aging assets

Forecasting Insights Filters

In ScalePad’s Apollo update we introduced a nifty feature that enables you to forecast for upcoming risk in your clients’ environments. While the 90 day risk forecasting was adopted quickly by our Partners, we caught wind that there are Partners that would love more. We delivered - Forecasting Insights now include a 30-, 60-, and 120-day filter. 

What’s that mean?

You can now forecast asset risk in the client environment for up to one-third of a year, as well as a few more things:

Forecast Setting Use Case
None (now) Shed risks today by focusing on what’s in front of you:
i.e. devices without warranties, or the 12 year old server running Limewire
30 - 60 days Short-term planning: what to do after removing the high-risk items:
i.e. devices with warranties expiring soon that need to be renewed
60 - 120 days Strategic planning & budgeting:
i.e. hardware replacement (there are supply chain issues, so you need to be strategic now)

Personalized Software Insights

Hardware is only half the battle when it comes to asset lifecycle management. Out of date, unsupported, and software plagued with security risks are a real pain in the assets for MSPs around the globe. To help you gain insight into what software is installed on a client device, Insights has been given an upgrade, and it’ll completely change the way you handle your software asset management.

You don’t and shouldn’t need to click around for critical data. That’s why we made everything you need to know about installed software available in one pane.

In a single pane, you can create an Insight to identify machines running old or risky software and take action on it, immediately. For example, you know that Flash Player shouldn’t be installed on any devices, but in the instance it found its way installed, we’ll tell you about it.

But you can do more. Personalized Software Insights can also help you identify software that is not installed on client assets where it should be, i.e. a specific antivirus or endpoint protection software. It’s a great tool to get devices rolled out and meeting your operational standards and requirements. Once set, you can find them under Your Insights in the Strategy Dashboard.

“ScalePad’s Software Asset Management is much more intuitive than using my RMM. It filters out and presents the exact information I need, exactly when I want it.”

Aaron Waters
President, Rayne Technology Solutions

ScalePad Warranty Services x Initiatives

If you’re a fan of extended warranty services, you’re going to love this.

While we’ve moved on from the Warranty Master name to build ScalePad, one thing never changed - our commitment to making access to accurate warranty information and easy procurement possible. And because we love competing with ourselves, we’re excited to introduce a new, streamlined warranty procurement process in ScalePad. You can set margins, warranty length, setup co-termination, send white-labelled proposals, get approval, and procure warranties in just one intuitive workflow. It’s a better way to get things done. 

Watch this video to learn about the new ScalePad Warranty Initiatives can help you achieve a masterful experience:

“ScalePad is like a warranty quoting factory. It takes us two seconds to generate a warranty quote. It’s just like, click, click, bam, your proposal is out the door.”

Aaron Waters
President, Rayne Technology Solutions

New Software Support

Support has been added for the following software applications:

  • Panda Antivirus
  • Watchguard Endpoint Antivirus
  • F-Secure

Refreshed Help Center

Need to use our Help Center? Tired of having to open another tab, or worse, another window? So are we.

You can now stay in the app to get the help you need. Simply click the ScalePad logo on the bottom right of your screen to open up our refreshed Help Center. The help you need is only a few clicks away, without any extra tabs or windows.

Other Improvements

  • Download software Excel sheet from console
  • Under the hood performance improvements

Start taking advantage of ScalePad’s new features by logging in now! Not a ScalePad user? Get started with the ScalePad Free Edition now.

P.S. The Product Team at ScalePad wants your feedback! Please complete this survey if you would like to participate in surveys about ScalePad features. Your feedback is important to us and helps us shape our platform.

ScaleUp Master Class: Growing a Non-technical MSP

Q3 isn’t that far away, meaning we’re developing even more tools, product enhancements, and cool names behind the scenes. While we’re at it, sign up for our Master Class Series to learn how you can achieve MSP Mastery. Next up is “Growing the Non-technical Side of an MSP" with Nick DaCosta-Greene.

We’re always looking for a better way to improve your IT asset lifecycle management. See you in Q3 for our next product update, Vulcan. Until then, have a masterful experience.