Get Actionable Insights

Easy-to-read reports for your team and your clients.

Leverage Ready-made Reports that Drive Action

Taking all the hassle out of reporting: software and hardware status reports are ready when you need them. Show the accurate health status of an environment in real-time, without any manual labour. Simple design matters: data is presented as an overview in dashboards and beautifully designed graphs.

When a little more data-driven decision making is needed, your technicians have access to data tables structured in clear sections and can mine data sets with smart filters.

  • Automated and scheduled reports
    Send reports to your clients with a customized message
  • Forecasts and budgets
    Present budget projections in a clear and understandable reporting format
  • Opportunity calculations
    See how your own business can grow with hardware rotation or extended warranties
  • Full data sets with filters
    Data mine and export views as needed for your own reporting

Insights that Help Account Managers Sell More, without Selling at All

Equip your team with all the reporting, insights and budgets that are optimized to generate more sales during quarterly business reviews with clients. With access to the right insights, you can take the tension out of the sales process and focus on advising your client. Your team is empowered to suggest forward-thinking solutions instead of bare minimum systems while further strengthening relationships with your clients as their hardware environments are in better shape.

Benefits for Your Clients


Access to accurate, real time reports


Ability to forecast and plan ahead


Ability to see value they are getting from their MSP
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