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Eliminate tech-talk with clean, simple client reports
Shed risk with warranty coverage in under 30 seconds
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Five Stars

"I won’t invest in anything unless it makes me money or saves me money. [Lifecycle Manager] does both."

Luis Alvarez, CEO, Alvarez Technology Group
Luis Alvarez
CEO, Alvarez Technology Group
Five Stars

"[Lifecycle Manager] is one of the few IT products we use that we are ecstatic about. It’s such a breath of fresh air to get a product that does what we want."

Darcy Dueck, Technical Account Manager, LAN Solutions Corp
Darcy Dueck
Technical Account Manager,
LAN Solutions Corp.
Five Stars

"Having the DMI for each client in a signal pane of glass is crucial. I only need to look in one place to know that we have our clients under control. It shows me that our team is taking care of everything we need to."

Carrie Greene, Operations Manager, Alt-Tech Inc
Carrie Green
Operations Manager, Alt-Tech Inc
Five Stars

"I love [Lifecycle Manager] because it is so useful and easily justifies the cost. We only have to sell a few warranties to pay for the product over the year."

Brendan Cosgrove, COO, TeamLogicIT
Brendan Cosgrove
COO, TeamLogicIT
Five Stars

"Turning data into insightful information is key. So is the rate at which it’s converted. In just a few clicks, [Lifecycle Manager] presents us with a view of actionable items among our client base."

Sean Kline, CEO, Turbotek
Sean Kline
President & CEO, Turbotek