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With ScalePad, you can increase your operational efficiency, save time automating mundane tasks, and increase your team's productivity.
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Connect your PSA, RMM and other tools (30+ integrations & 40+ vendors)
Drive efficiency in your business & better outcomes for your clients
Identify risky hardware & software in real-time
Apply your policies & standards and get insights
Deliver automated, eye-popping reports to your clients
Instant, consolidated, de-duped view of all hardware & software
No credit card required
Zero onboarding (really!)
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Rarely am I shown something that opens my eyes, wow.

- Dan B.

Your reporting makes us look like heroes!

- John N.

One of the best products we have, that actually does what it’s supposed to do.

- Nathan D.

I have nothing but great things to say about ScalePad.

- Virginia D.

ScalePad is fantastic.

- Carl J.
Warranty Master has changed its name to ScalePad! Watch our announcement video.