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MSP software for managing assets and monitoring backups.
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Make asset management more manageable. Turn asset data into actionable insights, and leverage client engagement tools to have easier conversations with your clients about their IT infrastructure that lead to proactive action.
Gain total insight over all your clients’ backups with a more accurate, efficient, and transparent backup monitoring solution. Ensure every backup runs as scheduled — or at all. Improve automation and reporting with software that customizes to your MSP’s workflow.
ScalePad Services
Lifecycle Manager Pro Partners have access to three ScalePad Services: Warranties for servers and network equipment, Workstation Assurance for accidental protection on workstations, and IT Asset Disposal for secure data destruction and hardware disposal.
Available to Lifecycle Manager Pro Partners, you can propose, procure, and purchase third-party warranties for 40+ OEMS. Service is available in 154 countries.
“ScalePad as a company cares about us as an MSP and the community is pretty awesome. You don’t really see that with a lot of vendors.”
Corey Tapper,
President, Techevolution

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