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ScalePad Enables You To:

ScalePad Enables You to:

Maximize Productivity

Automatically collect all the vital data from your integrations.

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Standardize Asset Management

Manage software and hardware side by side and minimize downtime.

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Get Actionable Insights

Easy-to-read reports for your team and your clients.

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Strengthen Client Relationships

Further build client rapport with compelling, transparent insights.

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Improve Profitability

Broaden your revenue streams with minimal effort.

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Warranty Data from 40+ Trusted Vendors

Our vast relationships with manufacturers means you’ll always have real-time, accurate and up-to-date data from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and many more.

One Platform to Manage All Your Assets


Real-Time and Accurate Asset Data

Automate your processes to easily access a comprehensive view of your clients’ environments.
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Insightful, Ready-made Reports

Create transparency and facilitate client conversations with customizable reports.
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Revenue Opportunity Dashboard

See at a glance where your best opportunities are to generate more revenue.
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Extended Warranty Service Coverage

Offer extended warranties for hardware when replacements aren’t an option.
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Getting the Most Out of ScalePad

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Warranty Master has changed its name to ScalePad! Watch our announcement video.