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Drag your hardware disposal out of the Stone Age

Modernize your disposal process with Lifecycle Manager
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IT Asset Diposal Tools have changed over time

IT asset disposal is a feature that comes with the best price tag — free

Whether you need to get rid of two assets or 2000, with ScalePad IT Asset Disposal service we do the heavy lifting for you — literally.

Get back to running your business. With our white-glove service, we take care of packing and shipping all your hardware for you. Clear out that crowded storeroom in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Best of all, IT Asset Disposal is included free with every current Lifecycle Manager term subscription… even shipping is free!*

*Currently available in the U.S. only - request your country/region here.

The modern solution for reliable data destruction

Worried about securely destroying client hardware?

We have you covered. Our third-party validation generates a white-labeled certificate of disposal so clients can be sure their data has been erased to NIST 800-88 standards. It’ll show up right in Lifecycle Manager once destruction is complete. Get your downloadable certificate of disposal right from the Disposal service Orders tab for documentation and sharing.

Documenting secure hardware disposal will make it easier to qualify for cyber liability insurance for both your MSP and clients, and is a best practice (or requirement) for meeting a variety of compliance standards.

Fill a forest, not a landfill

ScalePad’s IT asset disposal service doesn’t just keep soil and groundwater safe from pollutants like heavy metals or mercury, and from spent lithium-ion batteries containing cobalt, nickel, and manganese. Trees are planted with every ITAD order, thanks to our partner, veritree.

MSPs can even track the total amount of trees planted and other stats right from their dashboard. You can even use veritree logos on your MSPs marketing material, letting clients know that working with you also helps fight deforestation; the kit is available right in-app for you.

With on-the-ground monitoring and verification, veritree improves trust and transparency by verifying each tree is planted in the field, confirming its survival, and tracking vital information as it grows.

Affordable and profitable

Simple processes save time and money. With efficient disposal, your team can focus on projects that create revenue. Because asset disposal with ScalePad is free, MSPs can earn revenue by including it as a line item for all new assets (like a recycling fee), or by adding a disposal fee as part of the replacement process for end-of-life assets.

With ScalePad’s IT asset disposal, you aren’t just saving money, but creating opportunities to generate new revenue.

Complete the asset lifecycle with Lifecycle Manager

With Lifecycle Manager, MSPs can manage assets throughout the asset lifecycle. Insights, Scorecards, and Roadmaps allow you to identify assets that are nearing the replacement stage, convey the need to clients, and plan for their replacement and disposal.

ScalePad’s IT asset disposal service lets MSPs take full control of the final part of an asset’s lifecycle. Take a strategic and long-term approach to managing assets and maximize their value throughout their useful life.

Get Free IT Asset Disposal with Lifecycle Manager Pro

Pro users have access to the ScalePad Services Marketplace where they can access IT asset disposal services at no additional cost.

If you aren’t already a Pro user, get started with Lifecycle Manager Pro today.

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The future of asset disposal is already in your toolbox.

If you’re already a Lifecycle Manager subscriber, IT Asset Disposal is an included service you could be using right now. Lifecycle Manager users are already tracking their clients’ assets, so when it’s time for disposal, just select the assets in the disposal dashboard, and let us do the rest.
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