ScalePad IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Simple, secure, and affordable ITAD service

Close the asset lifecycle while creating revenue with a verifiable and environmentally-friendly IT disposal service for your asset disposition workflow.
*ScalePad ITAD is currently available in the USA.

Simple, standardized and scalable

Whether it’s for one device or hundreds, ScalePad ITAD makes it easy. Get your shipping labels and schedule a pickup or find a nearby drop-off location with Lifecycle Manager. The same process applies for single assets or a full-fleet replacement.

Secure your clients’ data

Third-party validation assures clients that their data has been erased to NIST 800-88 standards. Once an asset is disposed through ITAD, a certificate of disposition is issued in the Lifecycle Manager app. Now you can verify that assets are disposed of in compliance with regulations.

Affordable and profitable

Simple processes save time and money. With efficient disposal, your team will have time to focus on revenue-generating projects. Additionally, your MSP can earn revenue from IT asset disposal by including it as a line item for all new assets (like a recycling fee), or by adding a disposal fee as part of the replacement process for end-of-life assets.

Get ScalePad ITAD in Lifecycle Manager Pro

Pro users have access to the ScalePad Services Marketplace, where ScalePad ITAD begins at $21 per device. Enjoy free shipping on disposal of four or more assets.

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Environmental impact

ScalePad ITAD can help ensure that your MSP is in compliance with your county or state regulations pertaining to the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste. We’ve also partnered with veritree to plant a tree for every asset disposed of through ITAD services.
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A long-term strategy for asset disposition

Asset disposition refers to the broader process of managing an asset from acquisition to disposal. This includes deciding when to acquire an asset, how to manage and maintain it during its useful life, and when to dispose of it. Asset disposition takes a more strategic and long-term approach to managing assets and aims to maximize their value throughout their useful life.

Disposing assets responsibly

The act of disposing an asset is part of asset disposition. For many MSPs, this process is non-standard across various clients and types of assets. This consumes time and resources, and could even put client data at risk if not done correctly every time. With ScalePad ITAD Services you can complete the asset disposition process in a simple, secure and affordable way.

Complete the asset lifecycle with Lifecycle Manager

With Lifecycle Manager, MSPs can manage assets throughout the asset lifecycle. Insights, Scorecards, and Roadmaps allow you to identify assets that are nearing the replacement stage, convey the need to clients, and plan for their replacement and disposal. ScalePad ITAD Services verifies assets are disposed of in accordance with environmental and data security regulations.

Get ScalePad ITAD in Lifecycle Manager Pro

Pro users have access to the ScalePad Services Marketplace, where you can get full details on ScalePad ITAD.
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