IT Asset Lifecycle Management

The smart way to manage your IT assets

With a window into your clients’ IT environment, IT asset management is easier than ever.
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One solution for complete asset insight

Gain oversight and insight, protect assets with ease, and get your point across the first time.
Asset Visualization

Get the full picture

See all of your client’s IT assets in their environment in one location. Connect your PSA and RMM for a detailed list of all assets you manage.

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Asset Lifecycle

Manage the lifecycle

From procurement to disposal, manage the asset lifecycle while keeping a watchful eye for potential risks. Become proactive in how you manage assets by knowing where they are in the lifecycle.

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Asset Protection

Make warranties simple

Be confident that your clients’ servers and network equipment are under warranty. Save time by automating warranty lookups while simplifying procurement.

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Client Management

Start having better conversations

Make your conversations meaningful and reduce report reading with insightful analytics to drive proactive decisions. Help your clients see the risks before they become problems and take action.

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Why MSPs need to be thinking IT asset management software

Save time and resources

Let Lifecycle Manager do the work for you. It automates your IT asset management, so you can track, manage, and optimize your clients’ IT assets from one place. You’ll always have the latest information on their assets and warranties. No more manual work and wasted time.

Ensure consistency and quality

Lifecycle Manager connects with your RMM and PSA software, so you can standardize your IT asset management. Manage IT assets for different clients and platforms easily. Your team will be more productive and your customers will be happier.

Protect your clients’ IT assets

Lifecycle Manager helps you keep an eye on your clients’ IT assets. It makes sure they have warranties and alerts you if they don’t. You can buy new warranties or get rid of old assets quickly and safely. You’ll meet the compliance standards and keep your clients’ business running smoothly.

Grow your revenue and profitability

Lifecycle Manager creates new opportunities for you to make money. You can sell warranties and dispose of assets for your clients. You can also make the best use of their IT assets and extend their value. Plan ahead and stand out from the competition.

Bring together your MSPs tech stack

Connect with over 30 of the leader RMM and PSA solutions to gather all the information you need to get insight into your clients’ environments. You can’t manage what you can’t see. Bring it all together in one solution.

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One solution to gain total IT asset visibility.
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