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Frontline assets need full-coverage protection

Give your clients peace of mind that their workstations are protected from wearing out and getting oops-ed.

Accidental coverage for peace of mind

With hybrid and work-from-home workplace models here to stay, clients’ workstations are at great risk from accidental damage. Give your clients peace of mind with full replacement warranties. ScalePad will replace accidentally damaged workstations quickly, at no out-of-pocket expense to your clients.

Coverage in clicks

Get workstations covered via a simple procurement process in Lifecycle Manager. Identify assets needing protection with Insights, generate a quote with Initiatives, and then finalize your purchase through the Warranties menu. You can even plan ahead by plotting your Initiative on the Roadmap.

Make your markup

Warranties are a revenue stream any MSP can take advantage of. Workstation Assurance allows you to customize the amount of markup your MSP makes on the sale of the warranty. This means you can be flexible enough to ensure clients can afford it, while ensuring your MSP takes home a worthwhile margin.

Get Workstation Assurance in Lifecycle Manager Pro

A paid Lifecycle Manager subscription gives your MSP access to the ScalePad Services Marketplace. Get started today, with no reinstatement fees on Workstation Assurance warranties.

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Environmental impact

We’ve partnered with veritree to plant a tree for every asset protected by ScalePad Workstation Assurance. This will help offset the effects of e-waste for our Partners and their clients with every new device warranty.
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Beyond OEM warranties

Original manufacturer warranties typically do not cover accidents. Make your MSP stand out by giving your client’s that extra protection.

Replacement exchange

Similar to an advanced exchange service, ScalePad ships out a comparable replacement before the defective unit is sent back.


ScalePad Workstation Assurance is available on workstations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Replacements for real life

In a perfect world, workstations never experience bumps, drops, or spills. Parts are easy to access, and servicing is simple. The reality is, workstations are more mobile than ever and the ability to service laptops is becoming increasingly limited. Once clients understand the risks, it’s easy to convey the benefits of a replacement-based warranty.

Better for you, better for clients

Not only is ScalePad Workstation Assurance simple to quote and purchase, requesting service in the app is just as straightforward. You’ll be able to get clients up and running quickly thanks to the exchange service. They’ll be thrilled that their budget stays intact despite a disaster since there’s no extra cost for the replacement.

Get Workstation Assurance in Lifecycle Manager Pro

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