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Make Highly Informed Business Decisions

Move your business forward with business analytics that you can trust. Gain valuable insight into your own business operations with accurate data that predicts your trajectory.

Visibility into your business

Your gut can’t tell you what Cognition360 can. Leverage ConnectWise Manage (ConnectWise PSA) data to discover what’s working for your business and what’s holding you back.

Making ConnectWise Manage data even better

Predictive analysis tells you where you’re headed, not just what you’re already doing. Get accurate analytics that you can take action on to improve your profitability and productivity.

Reports that get to the root cause

Powerful, rapid reporting helps you compare targets vs. actual performance. Over 150 reports on every factor your business can consider, including team utilization, profitability, quarterly business reviews, time, tickets, and more.

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