QBR and vCIO Platform

Deliver the QBR Clients Deserve with a Comprehensive Set of Tools

Make quarterly business reviews better from preparation through follow-up. Deliver business outcomes with the thoughtful use of technology by leveraging vCIO tools and the Customer Success module.

Build true strategic partnerships

Lifecycle Insights has templated client assessments, planning, and total-cost-of-ownership budgeting tools that make it easy for anyone to be an excellent vCIO. Have everything you need to communicate essential information to clients so they can say “yes” to your recommendations.

Success via customer satisfaction

Gain insight into client health outside of regular meetings. Segment clients by MRR, ticket volume, and satisfaction to identify those that need attention or at risk of churning. With a better understanding of each clients’ needs, you’ll be able to provide an even better client experience.

Less preparation, more conversation

Balance discussing strategic items with budgeting during your QBRs with the complete QBR template. When risk assessments are linked to investments, surprise expenses are reduced and client relationships are improved.

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Standardizing your vCIO and customer success strategy.
  • Automated QBR reporting for assets and users
  • Budget forecasts and technology roadmaps aligned to risk assessments
  • Business review tracking
  • CSAT integrations
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Managing and servicing your clients’ assets throughout their lifecycle.

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