We’re enhancing our workstation warranty service to better serve MSPs and their clients with ScalePad Workstation Assurance.

From procurement to service, ScalePad Workstation Assurance helps MSPs provide full replacement warranty coverage for client workstations — even for accidental damage — in one easy Lifecycle Manager in-app workflow.

You read that right: Accidental damage is now covered on all ScalePad workstation warranties.

Full replacement warranty coverage helps clients rebound from hardware failure sooner, suffer less frustration, and experience no unexpected expenses when a failure occurs.

Debuting in Lifecycle Manager is ScalePad Services Marketplace. ScalePad Services Marketplace provides one-click access to services, including ScalePad Warranty Services for servers and networking devices, and two new services: ScalePad Workstation Assurance, and ScalePad IT Asset Disposal.

Looking to purchase and extend warranty coverage, or decommission an asset at the end of its useful lifecycle? You can now do that in one place, with more to come.