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Growing MSPs

Build your MSP into a proactive powerhouse with the apps to standardize your workflow

Handle increasing security threats

Visibility into client assets and data backups is critical for mitigating risks as you grow into a proactive and strategic managed service provider. With greater oversight from Backup Radar and Lifecycle Manager, you’ll have the insight you need to get ahead of threats.

Provide greater value to your clients

Adding value to your existing clients can increase your recurring revenue as you evolve your MSP. Shift from short-term fixes to strategic planning focused on long-term outcomes to provide your existing and prospective clients with more value.

Standardize internal processes

Manual work can stunt your growth potential. Unlock your ability to grow by standardizing processes across your clients. A strong workflow will help you onboard new clients, process data, increase oversight, and improve the experience for both techs and clients.

Solutions for growing MSPs

With ScalePad’s tools you can move your MSP from the break-fix model into a proactive business growing with annual recurring revenue.

Score your clients

The Digital Maturity Index™ (DMI™) is an unbiased score for your client’s infrastructure. Use this as a key performance indicator for your long-term strategic planning and to show the impact of your MSP.

Increase efficiency

With templates and over 300 integrations, Backup Radar makes it simple to onboard new client backups into your workflow. Save more time by automating ticket closing and appending, so you only see actionable tickets.

Better business reviews

Start your quarterly business reviews on the right foot by automatically sending reports to clients for prior review. Leverage Scorecards and Roadmaps in your business reviews as you plan strategically with your clients.

Trend analysis

Analyze backup trends and catch failed or missed backups before any problems arise. The Backup Radar dashboard reveals the backup status across your entire customer base so you can proactively remediate potential risks for your clients.


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