Scaling MSPs

Accelerate and scale your MSP with the apps to fine-tune your business

Address specific client needs

Accelerate growth by helping your clients identify needs unique to their vertical and creating a plan to meet those needs as they grow. Soon you’ll be scaling your monthly and yearly recurring revenues.

Reduce churn and grow revenue

Maintain recurring revenue by reducing client churn and improving your existing client relationships. Continue proactively acquiring clients through sales and marketing to keep revenue growing amidst pricing pressure.

Grow your talent

Finding and keeping talent is often a challenge — but a well-run, organized MSP retains talent by making their jobs easier and more enjoyable with the right apps. Reducing employee churn and attracting new talent opens up more possibilities for your MSP.

Solutions for scaling MSPs

Enable sustained growth for your business by utilizing tools that increase efficiency and improve client relationships.

Client experience

Improve the client experience and relationship through mutual trust as you create and implement long-term strategies. Drive positive outcomes by collaborating together, maintaining communication, and building accountability between you and your clients.

Increase efficiency

With intelligent ticketing in Backup Radar, your technicians will have more time to fix problems rather than hunting for them in a landslide of tickets. Plus, templates and over 300 integrations means new client backups will fit right into your workflow.

Clear communication

Start your quarterly business reviews on the right foot by using information your clients can easily understand. Reports, Scorecards, and Roadmaps from Lifecycle Manager are favored by Partners for being quick to create and loved by their clients for being clear and concise.

Greater oversight

Your clients have zero tolerance for data loss. With Backup Radar, you can catch failed backups quickly, oversee your entire customer base, and analyze backup trends from your dashboard. With increased oversight, your MSP can proactively remediate risks before they are threats.


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