Emerging MSPs

Transition from a startup to a growing MSP with the right apps in your stack

Transition to a proactive model

Take your Managed Service Provider business to the next level by transitioning from break-fix solutions to proactive planning and implementation. With ScalePad’s MSP apps you’ll have greater insight into your clients' environments so you can identify risk early and plan for the future.

Articulate value to clients

Drive home the value of your services with tools to track your progress, report on your work, and focus on your clients. With the right tools in your stack you can improve client relationships through mutual understanding, accountability, and trust.

Build a workflow for service delivery

Set the foundation for your MSP by putting the tools and processes in place to bring on clients efficiently. Set yourself up for future growth on the back of an MSP platform that enables you to provide a great client experience.

Solutions for emerging MSPs

How features in Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar can set your MSP up for success as you grow.

Reports and Roadmaps

Show your clients where they’re at and where they’re heading. Create and share comprehensive reports quickly from your dashboards. Then plan ahead with your clients by quickly developing a flexible Roadmap for future development.

Actionable alerts

Clients have zero tolerance for data loss. As a growing MSP, you need to maintain quality oversight with minimal resources. Centralized backup monitoring helps you to stay on top of errors, like the elusive ‘no results’ error, so you can protect their data more efficiently.

Score your clients

The Digital Maturity Index™ (DMI™) in Lifecycle Manager is an unbiased, high-level score for your clients' infrastructure. With Scorecards, you can rate IT categories to help identify their strengths and weaknesses and where action is required to mitigate risk.

Automate more

Save time and effort with Backup Radar’s ticket automation and templates. Once you stop micromanaging backups and allow Backup Radar to automate monitoring, you’ll have more flexibility to improve services and grow your business.


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