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2023 State of the QBR Report

The QBR Evolution

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ScalePad surveyed over 1,000 MSPs to get a picture of the state of the quarterly business review (QBR). It revealed an evolution was happening across the MSP industry, as MSPs are more focused on strategy and long-term planning, with more frequent meetings with their clients.

Read our report and uncover the trends that are shaping the business review meeting, and learn from our Partners about how they tackle the QBR. In this report, we’ll cover:

  • Frequency
  • Preparation
  • Reports
  • Virtual vs In-person
  • Duration
  • Strategy




The Anatomy of the QBR

In this 55-minute learning session on the Anatomy of a QBR you’ll learn how to simplify preparing for QBRs, real-world best practices, and tips you can put into practice immediately.
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