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Service Delivery Manager

Reveal the results of your MSP's efforts

Keep your clients updated using ScalePad’s quick and accurate asset management and backup monitoring solutions.

What do MSP Service Delivery Managers Need to Know?

Improve your client relationships

ScalePad’s asset management and backup monitoring platforms help build trust with clients. Our platforms give you greater oversight of their assets and backups, so you don’t miss a thing. Plus, your meetings will be more efficient than ever from preparation to planning the future with your clients.

Save time with standardized internal procedures

Integrating with the tools you use, our platforms help your team work efficiently. With intuitive dashboards you can see the full picture and the important details of your clients’ environments. And with customizable features you can standardize your backup monitoring, reporting, warranty renewals and more to improve consistency across your internal workflow.

Communicate effectively with your clients

With comprehensive reports, Scorecards, and Roadmaps, your clients will have essential information at their fingertips. ScalePad’s reports are consistently praised by MSP clients for being easy to understand and relevant to their concerns.

Key benefits for MSP Service Delivery Managers

Ensure the best service

Intuitive dashboards help service delivery managers as they work with engineers to quickly and efficiently address and resolve issues.

Real-time oversight

ScalePad’s accurate asset and backup monitoring means service delivery managers always have a real-time status of their clients’ IT assets.

Work with your techs

Easily communicate with technical staff on new and ongoing client requests by accessing dashboards, Insights, and Roadmaps.


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Giving your team the tools to succeed

Lifecycle Manager

  • Efficient and automated asset lifecycle reporting
  • Improves communication with clients with Scorecards, Roadmaps, and reports
  • Integrate with 30+ MSP tools and 40+ OEMs to efficiently update data
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Backup Radar

  • Centralize oversight of backups
  • Consolidate ticket workflow
  • Easily catch any failed or missed backups
  • Expand your reporting and compliance
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