Account Managers

Build and maintain high-quality client relationships

Stay up to date with your clients using ScalePad’s quick and accurate asset management and backup monitoring solutions.

What do MSP Account Managers Need to Know?

Support sales with fast and accurate reports

Lifecycle Manager’s white-label reports and Scorecards help you show clients the state of their IT environment. Get proactive in your meetings by working with clients to develop a Roadmap for their future upgrades.

Uncover new opportunities

Find out-of-date warranties, systems with an unsupported OS, failed backup attempts, and more with ScalePad. Company-wide asset and backup monitoring provides MSPs with insight into their clients’ tech infrastructure, helping them identify new opportunities to make improvements.

Maintain and build relationships with clients

User-friendly dashboards in Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar help account managers prepare for quarterly or monthly meetings. With the right information, Account Managers can keep meetings focused on priority items so clients get more value from your conversations.

Key benefits for MSP Account Managers

Show your value

ScalePad’s comprehensive reporting and analysis features allow MSPs to show clients their value and build trust as a partner, not just a vendor.

Get to the point

Lifecycle Manager Scorecards help account managers focus the conversation on the top priorities. With asset and backup reports your clients will get the whole picture too.

Work with your techs

Insights, Initiatives, and Roadmaps help account managers communicate with technical staff on new and ongoing client requests.


Alt-Tech Inc. Builds A Better Client Relationships With Lifecycle Manager

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Giving your team the tools to succeed

Lifecycle Manager

  • Efficient and automated asset lifecycle reporting
  • Improves communication with clients with Scorecards, Roadmaps, and reports
  • Integrate with 30+ MSP tools and 40+ OEMs to efficiently update data
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Backup Radar

  • Centralize oversight of backups
  • Consolidate ticket workflow
  • Easily catch any failed or missed backups
  • Expand your reporting and compliance
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