Technical and Support Engineers

Improve project efficiency and success with technical knowledge

Make service requests and tech fixes easier than ever with ScalePad’s quick and accurate asset and backup monitoring solutions.

What do MSP Engineers Need to Know?

Backup monitoring at its best

Cut down on manually checking multiple backup vendor’s dashboards and tickets. Backup Radar monitors all your client backups, so you can see results in one place. Now you can quickly identify risks like ‘no results’ and backup failures.

Track assets to spot problems fast

Find problems quickly with ScalePad’s in-depth asset tracking dashboards. Lower response times and keep clients up and running by cutting out manual steps to track down the issue.

Simple, yet effective reports

Maintain service level agreements with reports on asset health, age, warranty status, and backups. As a Help Desk Engineer, access and share easy-to-understand reports internally and with clients.

Key benefits for MSP Engineers

Find and renew warranties

With warranty lookups from over 40 OEMs, Lifecycle Manager has the info you need. And ScalePad Warranty Services makes it easy to protect clients’ hardware assets.

Keep track of projects

See the long-term plan for clients’ infrastructure by pulling up their Roadmap. See where current and future initiatives fall in the timeline so you know what’s coming next.

Put monitoring on auto

Stop wasting time on manual backup tracking with Backup Radar. Only see the tickets that require your attention and spend less time sifting through what doesn’t.


How ATG uses Lifecycle Manager to grow and maintain MSP revenue

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Giving your team the tools to succeed

Lifecycle Manager

  • Efficient and automated asset lifecycle reporting
  • Improves communication with clients with Scorecards, Roadmaps, and reports
  • Integrate with 30+ MSP tools and 40+ OEMs to efficiently update data
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Backup Radar

  • Centralize oversight of backups
  • Consolidate ticket workflow
  • Easily catch any failed or missed backups
  • Expand your reporting and compliance
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ScalePad has evolved as a critical source for managed service providers to gain insight into their clients' assets and backup environments.
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