MSP Owners

Lead the way to innovative and high-quality service

Whether you’re just starting out or growing into an enterprise, your team can save time and money while providing top quality service to clients.

What do MSP Owners need to know?

ScalePad has the tools you need to build a better business

If you’re looking to evolve your business, ScalePad’s services can be the best tools in your stack. Lead your team in building a better workflow so you can take on more clients without sacrificing quality of service.

Give clients the experience they expect

Set your business apart from the competition by ensuring your clients get the experience they have come to expect from quality vendors. Be proactive and collaborative in planning the evolution of their IT infrastructure, provide them with easy-to-understand materials, and ensure backup monitoring meets their expectation of zero tolerance for loss.

Show and increase the value of your MSP

With hardware, software, and backup monitoring reports, ScalePad’s services help MSPs show their clients an accurate assessment of their IT infrastructure. The accessible and visual reports, Scorecards, and Digital Maturity Index™ (DMI™) enable MSPs to convey the impact of their actions to their clients.

Key benefits for MSP owners

Work with clients on strategic planning

Save time and get the necessary information you need to align your services to your clients needs. Use Scorecards, Roadmaps, and DMI™ to collaborate on a strategic plan with your clients.

Increase warranty and hardware sales

With Lifecycle Manager’s Insights, MSPs can easily demonstrate when a client should replace hardware or renew a warranty. In-app warranties make protecting assets efficient and profitable.

Save staff time with automated tools

Save valuable time and effort by automating otherwise labor-intensive manual tasks: data collection, monitoring, ticket checking, report creation, warranty procurement, and more.

Luis Alvarez
Alvarez Technology Group

How ATG uses Lifecycle Manager to grow and maintain MSP revenue

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Giving your team the tools to succeed

Lifecycle Manager

  • Efficient and automated asset lifecycle reporting
  • Improves communication with clients with Scorecards, Roadmaps, and reports
  • Integrate with 30+ MSP tools and 40+ OEMs to efficiently update data
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Backup Radar

  • Centralize oversight of backups
  • Consolidate ticket workflow
  • Easily catch any failed or missed backups
  • Expand your reporting and compliance
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