Annual ScalePad Partner Awards

Our team is continually impressed by the remarkable amount of expertise, hard work and dedication we see amongst our Partners. Excellent performances should not go unrewarded, so each year, ScalePad selects a handful of Partners for recognition as industry leaders across several categories.

This year’s award categories include:
PAC Member of the Year
Rookie of the Year
Best Warranty Services
Top DMI Score

This year we also included Backup Radar in our annual awards after acquiring them in 2021. These awards include:
Fastest Growth
Most Automated Workflow

Backup Radar Partners were also included for consideration for our Partner of the Year award. Everyone wants to know who wins Best Picture, so let’s get that out of the way first:

2022 Partner of the Year Winners and Finalists

The ScalePad Partner of the Year Award is our most prestigious honor. To select our Partner of the Year, we took into account a variety of data, including our partner’s rate of growth, platform utilization, and warranty service revenue, and mixed in harder-to-quantify aspects around their advocacy and support of ScalePad. In 2022, ScalePad welcomed our new partners from Backup Radar to the ScalePad family, which made it incredibly challenging to select finalists for this year.

2022 Partner of the Year

LAN Solutions

2022 Partner of the Year Finalists

Féju ICT Groep


Infranet Technologies Group


Natural Networks

Natural Networks

Roundtable Technology

RoundTable Technology

2022 Partner Advisory Council Member of the Year Winners and Finalists

The ScalePad Partner Advisory Council is composed of some of our most strategic partners who’ve stepped up as members of the ScalePad community to help our team continue to innovate and improve the platform for you. PAC members help our team in innumerable ways, including participating in research initiatives, providing feedback on new features and services through interviews and surveys, and joining us as special guests for educational, industry, and promotional events. Our finalists took this to the next level and went over and above the call of duty.

2022 Partner Advisory Council Member of the Year

PEI Logo


2022 Partner Advisory Council Member of the Year Finalists

Alt-Tech Logo


Alvarez Technology Group Logo

Alvarez Technology Group

SMR IT Solutions Provider

SMR Consulting

2022 Rookie of the Year Winners and Finalists

The ScalePad Rookie of the Year is awarded to a new ScalePad Partner who’s embraced our platform and taken advantage of its functionality. Whether it’s sharing reports and protecting client assets with warranties, or using the Insights and Initiatives in Strategy to improve their clients’ technology experiences, our Rookie of the Year finalists have hit the ground running. It was a challenge for our team to select just a handful of finalists, and we want to thank all of our new partners who joined ScalePad. 

2022 Rookie of the Year

T3 IT Solutions

T3 IT Solutions

2022 Rookie of the Year Finalists

Blue River Logo

Blue River Tech Partners

Entech Logo


Grant McGregor

Grant McGregor

Ionic IT

Ionic IT



2022 Best Warranty Service Winner and Finalists

The 2022 Best Warranty Services is not just a top sales award. We also considered year-over-year growth, and the percentage of assets available for coverage to see who utilized the ScalePad platform to offer the best warranty service to their clients with our leading warranty solution. We narrowed our list of thousands of partners offering warranty coverage down to these finalists. 

2022 Best Warranty Service

Succurri Logo


2022 Best Warranty Service Finalists

Carefree IT Logo


JK Consulting Logo

JK Consulting

Network 1 Consulting Logo

Network 1 Consulting

Outsource Solutions Logo

Outsource Solutions

2022 Top DMI Score Winner and Finalists

ScalePad’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI) score is essentially a credit score for a technology environment, derived from analyzing it for risk. This dynamic score is recalculated daily and objectively benchmarks your clients’ IT environments against key productivity and risk factors. Clients with a high score have a great technology experience, leading to your team having a great experience and working relationship with them.

2022 Top DMI Score

Blacktip IT Services Logo

Blacktip IT Services

2022 Top DMI Score Finalists

Covene Logo


CU Answers Logo

CU*Answers Network Services

Moreco Logo


Instillery logo

The Instillery

2022 Growth Champion Finalists, Backup Radar

Backup Radar partners, who changed their backup monitoring experience, witnessed how it worked for their business, leading to increased growth and additional clientele. These partners set up backup monitoring across more devices, including servers, SaaS, products, and workstations, and their clients benefited from standardized monitoring practices. As a result, these finalists saw the greatest efficiency, productivity, and profitability benefits by utilizing Backup Radar’s solution. 

2022 Growth Champion

Ahead Logo


2022 Growth Champion Finalists

Cloud9 Logo

Cloud9 Solutions

Nexon Logo


Scantron Technology Solutions Logo


2022 Automation Champion Finalists, Backup Radar

These finalists have utilized Backup Radar’s automation capabilities to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. Partners who automated backup monitoring in multiple ways. They set up scheduled reports, created ticketing customizations, and enabled email escalations to ensure that the entire NOC was working smarter and not harder.

2022 Automation Champion

MedicusIT logo

Medicus IT

2022 Automation Champion Finalists

AirIT logo


Fantastic IT Solutions Logo

Fantastic IT

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Best Server Warranty Services

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