You manage assets with ease.
Now monitor backups just as easily.

Backup Radar puts all your backups on full display.
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Impress new clients from day one

Onboarding new clients with legacy backup baggage? No problem. Simply load them into Backup Radar to begin overseeing their backups. Templates and integrations with over 300 backup tools make onboarding a breeze.


Upfront investment results in long term payoff for eacs

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Show clients they can depend on you

Ensure clients know how serious you are about protecting their data. Show them consolidated reports or create and configure optional client-facing dashboards. Backup Radar also integrates with Brightgauge to help you be even more transparent with clients. They’ll gain peace of mind, and you’ll gain their trust.

Protecting data protects your reputation

Clients have zero tolerance for data loss. When incidents happen, and they will, your MSP’s reputation is at stake. Handle it well, and your clients will be thrilled. Anything less could damage your clients’ trust, your reputation, and even your bottom line. High-quality monitoring helps ensure you have backups to fall back on.

Increase efficiency in your workflow

Ticket overload, human error, and unreported backups are a recipe for disaster. Give technicians the tools to harness your backup workflow. Increasing their efficiency gives your technicians hours back for revenue-generating projects or onboarding new clients.

Slash Ticket Noise

 Automated ticket appending and closing helps you see what’s important

Reduce Human Error

Check every client backup in your MSP from one place

Actionable Notifications

See what backups ran, failed, and what didn’t report back at all