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How to Monetize IT Asset Disposal

Published October 27, 2023
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Evan Pappas
Monetize IT Asset Disposal

For many MSPs across the industry, disposing of assets at the end of their lifespan can take too much time and money. Often, disposal is not incorporated into the assert lifecycle plans and left to be done manually by the MSP staff. 

Spending hours collecting the inventory and drilling hard drives to destroy data is simply not a good use of your time. Instead, MSPs need a way to streamline the process and turn it into new revenue.

With a disposal plan, you can monetize disposal for clients, streamlining the process and improving revenue at the same time. 

Let’s dig into a few ways you can start creating revenue in the asset disposal process.

Integrating asset disposal into the Master Services Agreement

When signing a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with clients, MSPs set the roles and expectations for the contracted service. Managing clients’ assets lifecycle is common. But specifying the details around disposal can be important.

Many MSPs already require clients to have workstations, servers, and network equipment covered by warranties. Taking on asset disposal and secure data destruction can create more value for the clients looking for MSP service.

Building disposal into your asset disposition strategy will allow your MSP to better plan for asset replacement as well. When you understand the full asset lifecycle, you can then improve the efficiency of how your MSP manages it.

With a reliable disposal plan, like ScalePad’s IT Asset Disposal Service, MSPs understand time and financial costs. Clients don’t have to worry about it because their MSP takes care of all the heavy lifting.

MSPs can add a per asset fee into the MSA to generate revenue. For example, some MSPs have found success in including a $20-$40 fee per asset.

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Build an IT asset disposal strategy with Lifecycle Manager

Streamline the asset disposal process with ScalePad’s IT asset disposal service in Lifecycle Manager.

Asset disposal as a line item in quotes

When planning for the replacement of client assets, include secure disposal and data destruction as a line item on the quote.

 Adding disposal as an official line item allows both MSPs and their clients to plan around it so there are no surprises. It also allows MSPs to highlight that sensitive data has been properly disposed of, further proving the value of the service to clients.

The disposal of old personally identifiable information is really important, and making sure it is disposed of properly will prevent clients data from becoming vulnerable.

With a solution like ScalePad’s IT Asset Disposal, which is free to use for Lifecycle Manager Pro partners, they gain the biggest benefit from the revenue generated.

IT Asset Disposal, PII, Personally Identifiable Information

Since ScalePad’s asset disposal offers white-glove service for packing and shipping the hardware, MSPs can create revenue streams while also saving staff time and money on the shipping process.

Include IT Asset Disposal in your marketing

Including asset disposal in marketing can show prospective customers the value your MSP brings. The value proposition of taking the effort to catalog inventory, package, and ship out older hardware, is a big draw to your MSP’s service.

By promoting that your MSP can take care of all parts of the asset lifecycle, your MSP improves the value of its overall service. With a better value for clients, MSPs improve their chances of bringing in new business and renewing existing contracts.

Improving the competitive profile of their company is a surefire way to pursue growth. Especially as MSPs scale up from single employee operations to mid-sized businesses.

How to start monetizing asset disposal

The steps to start monetizing asset disposal all start with finding the right disposal method. That’s where ScalePad comes in. 

The IT Asset Disposal service is available for free in the Pro edition of Lifecycle Manager. MSPs can easily make disposal orders in just a few clicks. Quickly identify hardware for disposal, order white-glove service to pack and ship out the hardware, and schedule the pickup time.

Because it’s free for Pro partners, MSPs gain the full benefit of the new revenue using the strategies listed in this blog. With no expenses for the disposal process, your MSP gets to hold on to the full amount of the new revenue.

Learn more about ScalePad’s IT Asset Disposal at the official feature page.

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