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June 28, 2021

Is ScalePad the Right Tool for My MSP’s Asset Lifecycle Management?

Brad Veregin

“We already manage the lifecycle of our clients’ assets with a spreadsheet. How would ScalePad help my MSP?”

Is ScalePad the Right Tool for My MSP’s Asset Lifecycle Management?

It's often assumed that a spreadsheet is enough to effectively implement Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM). While it is possible, it is far from effective. Here’s a look at why you need ScalePad to actively manage the lifecycle of your clients’ assets.

4 Compelling Reasons to use ScalePad to for Asset Lifecycle Management 

1. 100% Accurate Data Consolidated from Across Your Stack

For many MSPs, Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a manual process. Data is siloed across the tech stack and many of the fields related to asset age, purchase dates, and warranty expiry dates are manually populated. To get a clear picture of your clients’ assets, your team needs to pull data from several tools, manually populate a new spreadsheet, and use formulas to get asset age. It’s a gruelling process susceptible to human error. Worse, it’s woefully inefficient and nobody wants to do it. The good news? There is a better way.

ScalePad integrates with the most popular tools in your stack (currently 33 and counting!) and over 40 vendors to automatically consolidate and present the data you need to implement ALM efficiently. It continuously pulls purchase dates and warranty expiry dates from the manufacturer and populates this along with asset ages in real-time. In clicks, it’s possible to get a 100% accurate view of each client’s environment so that you can focus on keeping them happy. ScalePad eliminates the soul-crushing data collection tasks (a.k.a. copy-paste) so your team can pull up old assets in seconds. Now, they can focus their time on actually managing assets instead of collecting data.

2. Drive Your Clients to Invest in Their Environment

Now that you have the data, it’s time to explain it to your clients but it’s hard to communicate the need to invest in replacing old equipment. Many are hesitant to invest in new assets because everything (even old assets) operates in the background of their business. So how can you approach these clients and get their buy-in?

ScalePad automatically evaluates each of your clients’ assets in real-time to identify those at end-of-service life or nearing it. These assets are highlighted in individual organization reports color-coded in red (at end-of-service life), yellow (nearing end-of-service life), and green (all clear). 

The simple color scheme makes it easy for your clients to see the problematic devices (red) so they can understand why they’re having so much trouble with old devices. This enables them to make decisions to invest in new equipment for their environment which improves their user experience and makes them happy.

3. Reduce the Risk of Business Interruptions

Unfortunately, not all of your clients have unlimited IT budgets. While it is ideal to have clients replace old assets, it’s not always possible. For many of these older devices, they are out of warranty which increases risk to your clients’ business operations if something breaks. The best choice in this situation is to extend the warranty to keep the asset insured against failure. It’s a temporary fix to bridge the gap between now and when replacement is possible. 

Traditionally, purchasing extended warranties has been a painful, drawn-out process requiring manual interaction with each vendor to get quotes for individual devices. It’s a labor-intensive process that is prohibitively time-intensive and deters many companies from performing this key step of ALM. It’s painful. But here’s where ScalePad Warranty Services can save you hours of time.

With ScalePad, the warranty procurement process is fully-automated in-app so you can protect your clients in seconds. What was once a manual process with each vendor is now done in a few clicks by simply accessing your account. ScalePad eliminates the labour in the procurement process to make it possible and profitable to extend warranties on assets that can’t be replaced. (More information can be found here.)

4. Improve Your Employee Experience

Nobody likes being yelled at by angry clients when something fails. For clients with older equipment, this happens more often than not. By simply implementing ALM using ScalePad, you can get your clients using better tech. They have a better experience, but it also makes your employees happier because they will get less tickets. Techs will no longer need to find creative fixes for older devices just to keep them operating. But that’s not all.

When your clients are using the newest tech, there will be less complaints about your service. Your team will no longer be on the receiving end of scathing complaints from irate customers since their devices don’t break down as often. This means your team doesn’t need to focus on boring break-fix tasks and can instead work on more interesting, creative projects. Ultimately, your staff will be happier and more engaged resulting in less churn and burnout.

ScalePad is one of the few IT products we use that we are ecstatic about. It’s such a breath of fresh air to get a product that does what we want and responds so well. I can pull up all the old computers and servers in under 10 seconds.

Darcy Dueck
Technical Account Manager, LAN Solutions Corp.

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