ScalePad + Amazon Web Services

Automate backup monitoring and evidence collection

Backup Radar monitors results from 14 AWS backup services while ControlMap scans your AWS environment for CIS best practices.

Backup Radar makes monitoring Amazon Web Services simpler

Automate AWS backup monitoring

MSPs can access the full suite of solutions available in Backup Radar to automate more of the tasks involved in monitoring Amazon Web Services backups. Review your clients’ backup data on our dashboards and audit screens, and take advantage of comprehensive reports and intelligent ticketing.

Seamless API connection

An API integration makes the connection between Backup Radar and Amazon Web Services virtually seamless. This gets you up and running in minutes, so you can onboard new clients and see their backup data right away.

One place for AWS backups

Consolidate every AWS backup, whether it’s a single file or entire server, into Backup Radar’s dashboard and audit screen. View alongside all your other backup results.

Check less tickets

Ticket noise from all your backups can get overwhelming. With auto-appending and auto-closing, you’ll have less tickets to manually check.

Identify anomalies

Proactively identify trends and anomalies in your routine backups by leveraging reports and color-coded visualizations on the audit screen.

ControlMap automatically collects compliance evidence from AWS

Collecting the evidence

Once you’ve connected AWS to ControlMap, the connectors automatically start collecting evidence, such as MFA configuration, password policies for IAM users.

Mapping to frameworks

Evidence is mapped to SOC 2, ISO 27001, and/or other frameworks and security standards. Now you can see a detailed view of gaps that need to be addressed.

Ongoing automation

This isn’t a one-time check. ControlMap can be configured to scan your AWS environment on a daily or weekly basis, keeping you and your clients aware of any new risks.