Lifecycle Manager + Backup Radar

Cross-platform collaboration with Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar

ScalePad’s two apps integrate for even better backup and asset monitoring.

Backup Radar Insights in Lifecycle Manager

Backup monitoring insights

Backup Radar can’t tell you what you’re missing if you’re not monitoring tasks on that device at all. From the Strategy tab of your Lifecycle Manager dashboard, you can see backup monitoring Insights.

Uncover unconfigured backups

Lifecycle Manager provides next-level insights for Backup Radar users. Once connected, Lifecycle Manager reveals all client devices with configured or unconfigured backups across all managed tenants. Insights are separated between workstations and servers.

Leveraging Backup Radar Insights

Automated backup audits

Reduce risk by automatically auditing your backup monitoring policies. Quickly identify potential coverage gaps in backup policies that could put your clients’ data at risk. With this information you can remedy at-risk assets and get to the root of any issues.

Onboarding client backups

Backup related tasks can fall through the cracks when onboarding clients. This integration will put them on your Lifecycle Manager dashboard, helping you see where gaps in backup coverage may exist while onboarding a new client.