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Backup Radar

Backup Radar + Acronis

The integration of Backup Radar and Acronis, MSP backup software, collects results directly from the Acronis cloud portal for monitoring. See high-level backup trends, uncover risky unreported backups, and report on results for your clients.

What is Acronis?

Acronis provides award-winning MSP backup software and data protection solutions for consumers, businesses, and MSPs.

Backup Radar integrates with many popular Acronis backup tools: 
Acronis | Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud | Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office | Acronis vmProtect | AcronisBackup

Why Backup Radar + Acronis?

Automate more of your Acronis backups
By using Backup Radar and Acronis together, MSPs can access the full suite of solutions available in Backup Radar to automate reporting, ticketing, alerting, dashboards, and our audit screen to review their clients’ backup data or take remedial actions. 

Seamless API connection
Backup Radar seamlessly connects with the Acronis Cyber Platform, either through a direct API integration or through email parsing. For new Acronis users, onboarding is streamlined; the API connection gets you up and running in two minutes.

All Acronis, all together
Whether you’re backing up emails or entire servers, you can see the backup results from all your MSP backup software  with Backup Radar.

All your backups in one place
Using Acronis with other MSP backup software? Now you can oversee every backup in one place on Backup Radar’s dashboard and audit screen.

Automate ticketing
Ticket noise from all your backups can get overwhelming. With ticket auto-appending and auto-closing, you’ll have less tickets to check.

Analyze trends
Use reports and visualizations to look for trends and anomalies in your backup statuses, so that you can proactively remediate before issues arise.

How to integrate Acronis + Backup Radar?

Acronis integrates with Backup Radar via API or email parsing depending on your workflow. All you need are your API keys and a few clicks, or to configure a few SMTP settings for email to integrate backup monitoring with your MSP backup software. Read the integration guide to learn more: 

Want to consolidate and automate monitoring of your Acronis backups?

Book a demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to get backup monitoring insights by integrating your Acronis MSP backup software, and Backup Radar.
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