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Backup Radar

Backup Radar + Datto

The integration of Datto tools and Backup Radar allows you to monitor your cloud and image-based Datto backups. Automate backup ticket management in Autotask for two-way sync of backup tickets.

What is Datto?

Datto, a Kaseya company, is a leading global provider of security and cloud-based software solutions purpose-built for MSPs. Datto’s proven Unified Continuity, Networking, and Business Management solutions drive cyber resilience, efficiency, and growth for MSPs. 

Backup Radar integrates with some of Datto’s most popular backup tools: 

Datto Autotask PSA | Datto BCDR | Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs | Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure | Datto File Protection | Datto Screenshot Verification | Datto SaaS Protection (Backupify)

Why Backup Radar + Datto?

All your Datto backups in one portal
Monitor all your cloud and image-based Datto backups with Backup Radar. Now have a single portal for all your backup tasks, complete with no results monitoring and automated alerts that ensure you only see what’s important.

Monitor results from any Datto backup product
Backup Radar pulls in backup job results, including offsite, screenshots, and replication results, directly from your Datto products for monitoring.

Automate your workflow
Backup Radar connects directly with Autotask. This helps MSPs fully automate their backup ticketing workflow across all backup products, saving time and money while reducing human error.

Customize your ticket profiles
Flexible ticketing profiles can create tickets in the appropriate queue with the proper status, priority, type, subtype, item, and source. Our intelligent ticketing system can alert on failure by creating the ticket immediately to ensure any high priority backups do not get missed in your Autotask workflow, while ensuring you only see what’s important. Everything you need, and only what you need.

How to integrate Datto + Backup Radar?

Datto tools integrate with Backup Radar via API or email parsing depending on your workflow. All you need are your API keys and a few clicks, or to configure a few SMTP settings for email to integrate backup monitoring with your stack. Read the integration guide to learn more: 

Datto tools also connect with

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Want to consolidate and automate monitoring of your Datto data backups?

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