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Backup Radar + Comet

Increase the security of your backups with Backup Radar and Comet

Fast, Secure Backup Software for Businesses & IT Providers

Integrate Backup Radar and Comet for better backup monitoring

Why integrate Comet into Backup Radar?

Integrating Comet with Backup Radar allows users to get a comprehensive view of the most important information about your clients backups in one place. Backup Radar speeds up onboarding and gives Comet users dependable reporting and notification features within the app. Never miss a failed or no result backup ever again.

How Backup Radar works with Comet

Backup Radar makes Comet data available either through a direct API integration or email parsing. Once set up, the integration allows you to pull in information about your backups into our customizable dashboard. All your backups in one place.

Flexible ticketing

Customize our ticketing system that shows any failures, or missed “no result” backup jobs. Group tickets into categories to match your workflow.

Stay notified

Monitoring the state of backup and replication data keeps users up to date on any issues or errors that may arise — whether it’s failed or missed backups.

Analyze trends and data

Use the Backup Radar dashboard to get a high-level view of your backup environment. Use the audit screen to examine trends to address the root of any problems you experience.

Maintain security and safety

Give your clients peace of mind knowing that their data is safe and recoverable. Backup Radar makes it easy to filter and search for any errors that could cause vulnerabilities.