Backup Radar + Dropsuite

Gain more visibility into your Dropsuite backups with Backup Radar

Monitor Dropsuite cloud backups alongside all your other backups in Backup Radar.

Ensure your cloud backups are accounted for

Dropsuite backs up and restores email, Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 GovCloud, Google Workspace, and QuickBooks Online. Review your clients’ backup data on our dashboards and audit screens, and take advantage of comprehensive reports and intelligent ticketing.

Part of your disaster recovery plan

While completing backups is important, ensuring they’re successful is critical. Monitor all your backups and mitigate the risk of backup failure by integrating all your Dropsuite backups into Backup Radar via a direct API connection.

Configure multiple backups

Take full control of your disaster recovery plan with multiple backups of systems and data. Backup to the cloud or local devices to ensure data isn’t lost.

Verify backups are completed

See verification of backups, whether they are completed, failed, or no result, from within Backup Radar’s dashboard. Easily spot failed results to take immediate action.

Compliance and security

Maintain the highest levels of compliance for your most important clients by having Backup Radar keep a watchful eye on your Dropsuite backups.

Analyze trends

Look for trends in your Dropsuite backups to see if certain backups are failing or not reporting. Then run analysis with reports to ensure you have full control of your clients’ backup situation.