ScalePad + IT Glue

Take documentation to the next level with IT Glue and ScalePad

Together, IT Glue and ScalePad help MSP monitor their clients’ environments and backups.

Lifecycle Manager plays nice with IT Glue with a two-way sync

Hardware and warranty documentation

Lifecycle Manager pulls warranty and purchase dates from your documentation in IT Glue via an API connection. This data populates into your dashboard so you can get Insights and know when you need to purchase new warranties.

Sync back new data to IT Glue

Enable two-way sync in Lifecycle Manager to keep IT Glue up to date when you make changes — like if you’ve purchased a warranty through Lifecycle Manager and want to keep the new expiry date correct in both platforms.

Get backup data in IT Glue through Backup Radar

See backup results in IT Glue

Backup Radar’s integration with IT Glue helps MSPs fully automate syncing the statuses and results from all backups into IT Glue. Technicians can reference that backup data directly in IT Glue without having to leave the IT Glue portal.

Your link to existing configurations

With the IT Glue integration Backup Radar can update existing flexible assets or create new ones and link the data to existing configurations.